Microsoft releases Visual Studio for Mac officially

Microsoft has just launched its programming Visual Studio for Mac tool being the first time that this application comes from the Windows platform. And Yes, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code anything I said.

Visual Studio for Mac

this is something developers have been waiting for for a long time. Microsoft entertained the waiting Visual Studio code a code editor that allows the inclusion of plug-ins, following an idea similar to that of Atom or Brackets, for example.

but today, Microsoft officially launched complete Visual Studio for Mac tool . This version is not as VSCode, on the other hand brings all the tools one of wait, since power programming c# and F # to be able to use solutions .NET . In this way, the company aims to reach more developers, thus preventing macOS users to use a virtual machine to use this IDE. Thus benefiting both the company and the developers.

Although this movement certainly has something to do with the purchase of Xamarin by Microsoft. Xamarin is a platform that allows you to develop an application that you can compile both Windows Phone, Android or iOS . Xamarin in Visual Studio integration might have led to the creation of the version for Mac, which, supposedly, was developed specifically for the platform. Therefore, in the absence of still try it, its performance should be good. “

 this is the appearance of Visual Studio for Mac. this is the appearance of Visual Studio for Mac

versions and prices

now go to an important issue, that of prices . Microsoft distinguishes three versions of Visual Studio each one with more options than the previous, and obviously with a higher price. Thus, for example, in the basic option we have no many tools for testing and debugging our code.

in summary, these are prices and options available, which are shared with the Windows version. In any case, on the official website you can see a detailed comparison.

  • visual Studio Community : free.
  • Visual Studio Professional : 539$ / year or $ 45/month.
  • Visual Studio Enterprise : 2999$ / year or $ 250/month.

obviously think that you don’t have to say that the first option, the Community is aimed at those people who are studying, either or are they interested in programming. On the other hand, the Professional Edition is intended for professionals who require more options. While the Enterprise is aimed at large companies.

 Xamarin Profiler is one of the features that will not be present in the version Visual Studio Community. Xamarin Profiler, for example, is one of the features that will be present at the VS Community.

where to download?

vs. for Mac can be download from official Microsoft website . In the case of the free version you can download it directly without registering or anything. In the case of the paid versions we register and proceed to checkout to use the application. Conclusion

and this is all that we can tell for now before test it thoroughly, which I’ll be doing personally in the next few days. If you want to know my opinion about this tool, please do not hesitate to leave it in the comments .

as we can see, Microsoft it seems that it is closer to other platforms and setting aside his individualist vision. It is something that we saw with the integration of the Bash under Windows or Visual Studio Code for macOS and Linux, but who today returned to see thanks to Visual Studio for Mac

what do you think? do you like the movements being made by Microsoft? See them successful? Do you think that Apple will someday make a similar movement?

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