Microsoft recommends that you do not force the update of Windows 10 Creators Update

if have not received the offer by Windows Update for install Creators Update on Windows 10 don’t worry: are not only . Initially, Microsoft gave the possibility of adding the update manually, and although that remains the position of the company changed. The plan of Redmond is working in phases, and used both the telemetry of the first installations and users feedback to detect problems and complete the rollout smooth. Therefore, the official recommendation is to wait.

after a week with the Windows Update disabled service, we are surprised to see that my two 10 Windows-based terminals is not installed to the Creators Update. For a moment I thought that something had broken down, but a couple of Google searches confirmed to me that it was not so. In fact, statistics show that just 10 percent of the computers received the update. The ultimate answer arrived with a publication on the official blog of Windows, which returned to talking about a distribution «phases» the Creators Update. The call ‘phase 1’ is focused on new computers and Microsoft Official devices (como la línea Surface) while the rest will have to wait a little more. Technically there is the option to force update action which have already spoken however, the recommendation of Microsoft boils down to three words: do not do.

“Is underway”. Microsoft suggestion is wait and avoid glitches.

The company received a significant amount of information through telemetry platform and tool feedback that users use to communicate problems, and it is evident that Creators Update loaded with some details of compatibility or stability without resolving . The announcement describes a very specific case of connectivity via Bluetooth Broadcom chips errors, but if there is something in the operating system that can be potentially problematic, the decision of Windows Update is block the update until further notice.

can certainly ignore such blocking downloading to the Creators Update at your own risk . If something starts to malfunction, Microsoft requests that you share all the relevant technical details for a solution as soon as possible. In the worst cases there is the rollback to a previous version, but personally I agree with the recommendation to wait. At the same time, remain unconvinced of this automatic updates profile is the best, and the idea of depending upon the users as beta testers dislike very much.

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