Microsoft plans echo competitor on the basis of Windows 10

Microsoft is working on a new feature for Windows 10 which it wants to fight echo Amazon voice assistance systems such as . The so-called HomeHub is to create a family-friendly environment on PCs and facilitate the sharing of information and apps. This emerges from an internal concept that exists in the verge of .

main novelty is obviously a new Welcome screen, a family should serve as a digital Bulletin Board for notes, tasks, and appointments. The screen is designed so that it can be used also on kitchens PCs or other devices with a small display and Cortana support.

also Microsoft Windows 10 for use to prepare echo show on devices such as Amazon’s new Assistant. These devices should provide not only a voice control and a call function or serve the control of smart home devices, but also be usable as a full-featured Windows-10-PC. This should turn out to turn Microsoft important differentiator.

the concept according to the software group plans to introduce the first HomeHub functions together with the Redstone-3 update announced for September. Initially, the new Welcome screen, the call function and a shared desktop available should be. Also, the autumn update should bring improvements for Cortana and support for smart home devices of various third-party providers to manage their products with Windows 10.

among other products to be supported hue, nest, INSTEON, wink, and SmartThings by Philips. Similar to how Amazon, ECHO will allow control of smart home devices using speech Cortana. In addition to HP and Lenovo new hardware as well as updates for existing PCs develop that are specifically geared to the Windows 10 HomeHub. Among other things, both companies should in time bring HomeHub-enabled all-in one PCs in the trade this holiday season.

the verge assumes that Microsoft makes public more details this month on his plans. An event in Shanghai will serve as platform on May 23, which has the motto of “Show the world what’s next”. It is expected that Microsoft is also a new surface generation presents.


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