Microsoft makes generally available to Visual Studio for Mac

Microsoft has release the final version of Visual Studio for Mac on the first day of its developers Conference build 2017. This is not Studio, that took over the company in February 2016 but a ported version of its development tools for Windows, but a further development of the integrated development environment (IDE) Xamarin. Microsoft itself describes Visual Studio for Mac as a counterpart to the Windows version.

 Microsoft Visual Studio (image: Microsoft) interface and appearance are inspired according to Microsoft Visual Studio, but so designed, that it feels to like a native application for macOS. Visual Studio for Mac contains among other things Microsoft’s tool IntelliSense auto-complete source code. The Windows version also MSBuild and the debugger engines for Xamarin-were and. Acquired NET core apps. Developers there are also the designer for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin – Android available.

“with Visual Studio 2017 for Mac can apps for Android, macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, develop Web and the cloud”, it means to release notes from Visual Studio for Mac in the . “Fast encoding, easy debugging and diagnose, frequent tests and self-confident publishing. Use version control and agile software development, and collaborate efficiently with this new release!”

in addition, Microsoft offers core its developers from immediately a preview of version 2.0 of its cross-platform runtime technology .NET. According to Microsoft’s own roadmap you should be the final version of .NET available core 2.0 in the third quarter.

.NET core 2.0 allows developers to use the advanced APIs of the standard version of .NET 2.0 XML serialization, networking and IO. Code thus created can be also on others. NET run-time environments such as .NET Framework, .NET core, Xamarin and universal rendering Windows platform.

in addition, even a preview of ASP.NET is core 2.0 available, which is aimed at developers of server applications. As the register recently reported that cares. NET developer community but to the direction, which proposes a core Microsoft ASP.NET. Therefore there is no on most core 2.0 considerations, ASP.NET .NET Framework and core to align, but be limited to .NET 2.0 core.


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