Microsoft integrated groups in Outlook for Android, iOS and Mac

users of Outlook forward to Microsoft because Microsoft integrated the smart collaboration tool groups, popular on the desktop, directly into the Outlook apps for Mac, iOS, and Android, as the company in one tells blog . Groups allows users to therefore go without additional app via a 365-business, school or University account in her team to work actively with Office . You have the possibility to participate in latest discussions, dates to plan, share photos, attachments and notes and to work together on files. Groups will be gradually rolled out in the next few weeks. The Outlook groups access regardless of available in updated versions in the play store and iTunes download. Requires Android 4.1 (jelly bean) and higher or iOS 8.0 and higher.

 Outlook groups (image: Microsoft)

with groups users can create groups, team members or friends belong on your Android or iOS Smartphone or tablet, as well as via Mac or edit. You have the opportunity to participate in group conversations by E-Mail as well as create group appointments using the group calendar and to participate in them. Also outside the organization can be invited to participate in a group.

(Bild: Microsoft) (Bild: Microsoft)

users can collaborate on the OneNote shared team notebook of the group. Office documents shared with the Group (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) can be viewing and editing.

 Outlook groups app for Android (image: Microsoft) Outlook groups app for Android (image: Microsoft)

about Outlook groups documents and equipment can be shared with the group, such as photos, attractions and animated GIFs. You can comment the messages. The app offers also the possibility to join groups, participate in where work colleagues to discover and give them or to search for files, conversations and group.

Outlook groups for Android and iOS is an Office 365 enterprise – or Abolizenz for educational institutions to log in to the app advance. The Office plans are not supported currently 365 home, staff and Student Government. Learn more about Outlook groups will find Microsoft in . DISPLAY

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