Microsoft: Future two function updates per year for 10 Windows and Office 365 Microsoft of ProPlus

Windows 10 will in the future Office 365 ProPlus and System Center Configuration Manager with two feature updates annually improve. A blog by Bernardo Caldas, General Manager of the range Windows commercial marketing, according to even the dates are fixed: the updates are each in March and September available.

 logo Windows 10 (image: Microsoft) new schedule new releases to make predictable and thus also their integration in the enterprise IT to improve. “We have heard from our customers that they want to have more predictability and simplicity to facilitate updates for Microsoft products”, writes Caldas.

the Redstone-3 update for Windows 10 appears together with the next planned update for Office 365 ProPlus already in the September 2017. Each feature will also release for Windows 10 18 months receive support. To the management and creation of the updates for Office 365 Pro Plus and Windows 10 make it easier, the new update schedule also applies to System Center Configuration Manager.

so far the software group had made two or three of feature updates for Windows 10 per year in prospect, without mentioning a specific date for it. 2016, there was only a new release derogation with the anniversary update. Office received 365 ProPlus new features, however, three times in the year. In addition, the support for the individual Office and Windows releases on 12 months was limited. In the future, customers have more time to upgrade to a newer function update so six months.

do not apply the new rules for the traditional Office applications and packages, as well as the Office services for consumers. Also the Web-based Office apps like Word online, online Excel and PowerPoint online are not affected by the change.

also Microsoft indicates that as of October 13, 2020 Office the only version for Office 365 users is 365 ProPlus which is always up-to-date and provides all the functions available. All other Office apps and clients have received also may not all features 365 ProPlus – like other Microsoft products from Office on their own servers or locally running versions of rare updates and may be even less functionality than the cloud versions.

which result to differences between the versions of the cloud and the traditional Office applications, Microsoft leaves open, however. The company made no claims to the upcoming release of Office. Typically, Microsoft updated its productivity applications every two to three years. The successor to Office 2016, 2015 published, could come in the trade so 2018 or even until 2019.


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