Microsoft for Windows-10 upgrades failed a group of Windows-10 users sued

a has filed class action lawsuit against Microsoft . In their opinion the company from Redmond for error is responsible that occurred during their upgrade on Windows 10 . Among other things, damage to their computers and data loss should have occurred.

 Windows 10 privacy (image: in addition to lost time and money, because they among other things had to purchase technical support, software to repair or replace faulty hardware components. Currently more than 100 plaintiffs claim damages, plus the cost of the dispute and interest rates over $5 million.

one of the plaintiffs, Stephanie Watson, of the writ according to the Windows-10 upgrade not started. After the unwanted upgrade she have can no longer access data required for their job. After that she had hired a support company called Geek Squad to fix the error, the repair had been but unsuccessful, so she bought a new computer.

more claimants indicated that they had initiated the upgrade and also data as well as time and money lost when you try to restore the data. Also Howard Goldberg claimed that his computer had been damaged during the upgrade and also he have must bear the cost of repair itself, because its hardware warranty had expired.

the lawsuit suggests that Windows 10 under U.S. law is a consumer product. In addition Microsoft knew that the upgrade can lead to data loss and also cause damage to the hardware. In addition to the company known have been, that not all software is compatible with Windows 10. Also, the plaintiffs want to set out in the process that the upgrade without warning was performed, which resulted in a violation of the terms of the warranty.

a Microsoft spokesperson told ZDNet US that that the free upgrade program, customers gave the opportunity, no upgrade on Windows 10. “If a customer needed during the one-year program of assistance in upgrading, numerous options are available, including free customer support and 31 days were to him, to get back to the old operating system. We believe that there is no basis for the allegations of the plaintiff.”

the free upgrade program for Windows 7 and Windows 8 .1 had led to numerous complaints from Microsoft customers. Even before the start of Windows 10, users felt disturbed by references to the new operating system. Although the installation routine provided more confirmation dialogs for Windows 10 customers repeatedly stated the new OS installed itself without your intervention. Microsoft took the complaints as an opportunity to revise the upgrade process of the upcoming update of the creators. Users can according to Microsoft now exactly set “when an update should appear to move if the original vote seems less pleasant than expected including the possibility of the update, or press the ‘snooze'”. DISPLAY

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