Microsoft corrected one of the flaws most critical detected in Windows Defender

several developers have come out in defense of Windows Defender highlighting their general behavior and its policy of «do not interfere» against the security measures that have other programs. However, that does not make it invulnerable to bugs, and the Project Zero of Google just found one of the largest. With just an email or a text message, the engine of Windows Defender can be tricked into executing code remote an extremely serious situation due to the high level of privileges that has such software in the operating system.

a vulnerable antivirus is something very serious. What the average user can do when its main line of Defense has more holes than Swiss cheese ? There are many who suggest abandoning the antivirus completely, but the latest versions of Windows bring one integrated. Now, Windows Defender has received very good reviews from developers, especially those who are engaged web browsers . The latest generations of malware forced the traditional antivirus applications to implement changes that are not always positive to the performance and security of our terminals, but Windows Defender is recognized as one of the most balanced. Unfortunately, that does not prevent errors in your code, and according to Google’s Project Zero the last to appear is gigantic.

verifies that the version of the engine is 1.1.13704.0 as a minimum to be insurance

if we obey the data published by Natalie Silvanovich and Tavis Ormandy -labeled exploit CVE-2017 – 0290 allows an attacker to take control of the computer without any kind of local user intervention. The only step required is to send him an email, text message or link web prepared to deceive the detection engine Windows Defender, which automatically scans the received content. This enables the execution of remote code and presents the possibility of chaining attacks that move a vulnerable to another computer.

Fortunately, any previous difference between fatal frame and the Microsoft development team was left behind. Redmond response was immediate, and once we were able to confirm the severity of the exploit began to work. It is likely that you have already received the hotfix: what you should do to confirm it is go to Windows Defender options and check that the minimum version of the engine is the 1.1.13704.0 . Affected versions of Windows are 7, 8.x, RT, 10-Server 2016. If Windows Defender is your current antivirus, don’t miss this for later.

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