Microsoft confirms: creators update for almost 40 percent of Windows-10-phones

Microsoft has confirmed that only eleven different smartphone models will receive the creators update. Among them are four models, the software company itself has developed. Applying AdDuplex current figures, the available since the beginning of the month for PC function update only at 60 percent of all Windows phones will be distributed currently 10 Windows running on mobile.

 Windows 10 mobile (image: Microsoft) Upgradeberechtigt are therefore Lumia XL 640/640, 550, 650, 950/950 XL, Alcatel Idol 4S, Alcatel OneTouch fierce XL, HP Elite X 3, Lenovo SOFTBANK 503 LV, MCJ Madosma Q601, Trinity NuAns neo and VAIO VPB051. Based on all Windows phones, so even active devices with Windows phone 7, their market share according to AdDuplex is 8 and 8.1, even at only around 10 percent.

“devices that are not on this list are not officially the Windows get 10 creators update still future builds from our developer branch, which we publish in the frame of the Windows Insider program”, writes Dona Sarkar, head of the Insider program, in a blog . “Windows Insider who have devices that are not on the list, can keep the creators update at your own risk on their devices, knowing that it is not supported.”

Microsoft justifies the deletion of many devices with feedback by insiders, according to which the update on older devices to offer “not the best possible experience”. Tests by ZDNet, recently however, showed that Windows 10 mobile creators update on a Lumia 930 ran smoother than on the officially still supported Lumia 640. This is consistent with the feedback that the ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley has received from their readers. Already, due to a “bad user experience” with, Microsoft had numerous devices Windows phone 8.1 upgrade on Windows 10 mobile denied.

is also the few continue to supported Windows-10 phones a first test version of the Redstone-3 updates available. It’s build 15204 but not build 16170, distributed Microsoft for about a week on PCs, but that. Smartphones get so currently builds from a different developer branch as PCs. Sarkar justified this step required additional work on the OneCore, the common code base of Windows for PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox IoT and HoloLens.

in the face of a worldwide market share of only around one percent and the low availability of new Windows phones is only speculated whether Microsoft is working even on a full fledged Redstone-3 update for smartphones. Foley in the context indicates that also a version in Redmond being developed by Windows 10 for mobile devices and PCs with ARM processors in which it is not 10 mobile Windows. The new Windows 10 will natively compiled to run on Qualcomm processors according to Microsoft. It supports Windows platform universal and can start also classic Win32 applications via an emulation layer. Also are all enterprise features available are currently integrated with Windows 10 for x 86-based personal computers. DISPLAY

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