Microsoft: Cloud services after a failure mostly be available

Microsoft has fixed a global disorder of its on logon service Microsoft account (MSA)., OneDrive, Xbox and other online offers users were temporarily unable to log on to the respective services. According to the company, the problems against 18:15 UK time began.

 Microsoft sign in front of building 99 of the Redmond campus (image: Microsoft) ‘we investigate the problem actively, that prevents users can log on and send from Skype to Skype news, Skype-status Web site it was said yesterday, for example, on the . Therefore, Skype worked at the latest from 21: 00 German time again smoothly. users could not access only periodically according to Microsoft E-mail. In some cases, it was therefore sufficient to reload the login page to complete the log-in process. Trouble-free mail service to work 19:30 since last night. If you still experience problems, user should exit the browser session or reload at least the Outlook page.

from about 18:30, access to certain azure services such as stream analytics and azure was disturbed by Microsoft account also log analytics. “Repeated login attempts can be successful. The problem is known, engineers”, Microsoft announced azure-status Web site on the . A fix starting around 20: 00 available as azure users.

OneDrive accounts are still affected by Office 365 according to the status Web site. Also, Microsoft indicates that a login attempt at a later stage or after the log-in page reload can be successful. OneDrive is required a reboot or a recovery of the affected systems. The company currently expects that users from this afternoon (16:30) cannot access without restrictions to the online storage service.

about two weeks ago, Microsoft had to resolve a malfunction of its Netlogon service . Since the Microsoft account is used as access for virtually all of the company’s services, numerous offerings such as, Skype, OneDrive and Xbox were affected at the time. In both cases, Microsoft named no reasons for the errors.


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