Microsoft authenticator allows logins without password

Microsoft has updated its authenticator app Android and iOS. It allows users now to log in without entering a password for your Microsoft account. The new method helps not only the login apps installed on a Smartphone or tablet, but also log-in the browser on desktop PCs and notebooks.

 authenticator (image: Microsoft) the authenticator app to generate unique number codes for the two-factor authentication has been limited. Now users can register, by they confirm a notification that is displayed during logon. The confirmation will only be possible after the Smartphone or Tablet unlocked was.

is the application in the browser, the login page displays a two-digit numeric code. The authenticator app in turn offers three two-digit number combinations to choose from and prompts the user to confirm the numbers displayed in the browser. “

 user of authenticator app must confirm only a notification, instead of typing your password (image: Microsoft). user of authenticator app must confirm only a notification, instead of typing your password (image: Microsoft). Before signing up for a Microsoft account authenticator app must be selected but in the browser. On iPhone with touch ID, also of the fingerprint can be used instead of the two-digit numeric code to confirm the registration.

“with the registration by phone we move the safety load of your memory on your device. Just add your account to the Android or iOS authenticator app to and against you as usual a your username when you register somewhere new,”writes Alex Simons, at Microsoft identity and access management blog responsible, in one. “Instead of typing your password, you receive a notification on your phone. “Unlock they your phone, tap are on ‘Approve’ and you in it.”

the process was easier than a standard two factor authentication and much safer than a registration only by a password, the Manager continued. PIN or fingerprint also be a seamless and familiar process to insure an account in two steps.

the function can be activated individually for accounts stored in the authenticator. It is found in the drop-down menu of the respective account. Is a Microsoft account is added to an Android device, the app asks whether you should enable the registration by phone. When you create a new account on an iOS device the app will even automatically setting without prompting.


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