Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

the majority of the users of Windows 10 have not yet received the Creators Update but that does not prevent you to Redmond thinking in what will be his next major upgrade. With the event Build 2017 to any machine, Microsoft revealed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and will come loaded with a brand-new visual structure, tools that will optimize the workflow between the computer and iOS or Android devices a new mode of synchronization for OneDrive, and a dynamic task manager assisted by Cortana.

to Build 2017 it only has a one day ahead, but the amount of material that Microsoft shared with developers, specialized media and users alike is impressive. We know well the Redmond plans to the education market, with Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop at the forefront, however, Windows 10 is much more than that. Following the pattern of two major a year upgrades, is inevitable for Microsoft to talk about «what is» on Windows 10, and its official name is Fall Creators Update . That title may seem a bit misleading because the creative aspect was already treated with the first Creators Update, and one of the most important tasks of the next update will be to acknowledge the fact that users no longer see Windows as only option at the time of work and have fun.

Pick Up Where You Left Off and Cortana will help us to continue what was paused

at this point involved the new Trident functions formed by Timeline, Pick Up Where You Left Off, and a Clipboard in the cloud. Timeline represents a complete transformation for the tasks view. Will allow us to go back in our sessions, see all what we were doing in the past, and continue from there as if we had never stopped. Technically it is not a backup system, so any comparison with the Time Machine Apple always will be incomplete, but there is one major difference is that Timeline will not only work with files, but will be extended to websites and applications. The best part is that Timeline also reaches to Android and iOS Pick Up Where You Left Off function, Cortana and Clipboard in the cloud -backed. Would you like to make a note on your iPhone and send it immediately to your computer with Windows 10 to follow later? With the Fall Creators Update you can do that, and much more.

to close, something that deserves a separate section in the update is Fluent Design . What is that? You may remember Project Neon, which we talk about in January passed . Fluent Design is simply confirmation of Neon, and a final leap to leave behind (almost) all that is Metro UI. Transparency and depth, spacious and fluidity without sacrificing touch dynamics, greater integration with augmented reality and a marked use of the stylus is what suggests this new interface, which we will see our systems gradually advancing. The last sandwich is On-Demand OneDrive that partly restores to the highly demanded ‘placeholders’ offering a much more precise and custom synchronization control to change. There is still much more to explore the Fall Creators update and all arrows point to September. We will be vigilant.

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