Meat & Livestock shows us their 3D printer of meat

 Meat & Livestock

Meat & Livestock is a new startup based in Australia who just be news after the amazing presentation which just completed its leaders in the 3D Food Printing Conference Asia-Pacific Edition where presented to the public there present a 3D printer meat capable of producing edible protein from remains meat or ground meat.

according to the makers of this creation, apparently the printer uses what they have called as ‘meat ink’. At the same time, they say emphatically that use of offal and cuts of meats thanks to the technology proposed by Meat & Livestock, has great potential, especially to make much better use of and further enhance meat by-products.

Meat & Livestock surprise with your ‘curious’ 3D printer of meat.

apparently the printer that the guys at Meat & Livestock have led to the event has been manufactured by the Dutch company byFlow a company that, in turn, is specialized in food 3D printing. To develop this project, since byFlow have used a liquefied mixture of offal and ground beef .

true, as they confirm experts within the meat sector, seems to quite difficult that 3D printing can get to do competition to traditional methods of production Although, the same who advocate this, the truth is that everyone thinks that this technology can provide many new features to offer customized products different or directly focused to a very specific market sector.

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