Marvel vs Capcom Infinite unveils its release

date when we talk about mashups fantastic and amazing how Marvel vs Capcom US surpasses the excitement. Today we have Infinite the last gem of the franchise, successor of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom . Capcom has given several commercials that we see here today.

Infinite PlayStation Experience was presented officially during a late 2016, and after several months Capcom let us see something else. This occurred in the site Capcom Unity where is unveiled one greater game advance. The first trailer where we can see something of the plot in the story mode with some of the characters that will be in the game as Iron Man, Ryu, Capitan Marvel, Megaman, Thor and Thanos . In addition to the imminent arrival of the game also was announced the arrival of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom to PS4 through digital media $ 29.99 dollars and packages that will leave for Infinite .

story modes, you have Versus and training . As far as we could see in progress presented in Capcom Unity Ultron Sigma will be the Chief villain of the game. A character who combines the supervillains Avengers (Ultron) and Megaman X (Sigma). They were also presented new fighters: Hulk, Ultron, Chris Redfield, Thor, Rocket Racoon, Strider Hiryu, Chun-Li and Hawkeye.

are going to hard data. This title hit the market with suggested prices of $59.99 USD version standard which includes the physical copy of the game and Warrior Thor, Evil Ryu costumes . We can then obtain the version Deluxe you will have a cost of $89.99 USD . This package includes the game two usable costumes: Hulk Gladiator and Mission X Command .

Finally the pack for collectors $ 199 USD which includes “Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite” more 4 dioramas Chun Li, Iron Man, Mega Man X and Capitan Marvel and 6 infinity gems . All this is presented in a metal box.

the release date will be for the September 19 in PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Windows).

source: Capcom Unity

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