Manufacture your own recreational machine Arcade thanks to printing 3D

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If you are nostalgic for that time, small and not so small that, could get together with our friends in these arcades filled with recreational games, same machines may not with so much abundance and diversity, you could find all kinds of bars, pubs and public places, perhaps now it is time that you to make your own -Arcade but in a much more easy to carry size.

Christopher so thanks a lover of this type of console Arcade with their huge furniture, controls, levers and wellknown, today you have the opportunity to get the planes to build, as you can see in the picture located at the head of this same entry, your own console in which return to enjoy titles as legendary as it can be Super Pang Pacman, Arkanoid, and even Space Invaders.

Christopher Tan shows us how to create an interesting and quirky arcade machine by 3D printing.

to get this machine Arcade, the young Christopher so has decided to use 3D printing for their manufacture. As detail, let know you that to carry out this sensational project has had to invest more of 100 hours in work of 3D printing, settings of parts or the installation of a Raspberry Pi used as basis for the installation of the LCD screen that allows you to play your game or as the keypad controller.

as has the young man in charge of the development of this project, the idea of creating an Arcade machine apparently arose when it was done with a simple and rudimentary 3D printing kit. We talked about a small 3D printer with a base that allowed him, at most, to create pieces with maximum dimensions of 22 x 22 forcing him to design his machine with a great number of pieces of small dimensions .

even so, as you can see in the video, the end result is simply amazing since he has managed to develop a structure equipped with a 8-inch screen with resolution 1024 x 768 which has been decorated with vinyl. If you are interested in creating your own Arcade machine, let know you that you have all of the steps in hackaday .

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