macOS and Linux are relatives? Unix? Behold the truth

 macOS, Linux and Unix

insurance once you’ve heard ” OS X (macOS) and Linux are relatives because both are based on Unix . But at what did not know that it is not true? Maybe some already know it, but others many that do not, so today I will explain precisely that.

analyzing the three by separate

what is Unix?

before you start to analyze which is the relationship between OS X and Linux, first we will have to analyze to Unix. This is the supposed link between macOS (OS X) and Linux.

Unix is an operating system created in 1969 by the Bell Laboratories of AT & T group, though it would be later sold to Novel. This operating system is handled by a command-line shell whose purpose was purely educational and industrial. UNIX soon became a reference OS.


what is Linux?

Linux, or GNU/Linux is free of most popular open source operating system. This operating system developed primarily by Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds was released in 1992 . GNU/Linux was launched as an alternative to operating systems that had at that time, which were expensive.

and that all have to do this with OS X and Unix? It turns out that the structure of its core is very similar to the structure of Unix . Therefore, this is an operating system of the type Unix-Like (similar to Unix).


Finally, what macOS?

macOS is the new name given to Apple’s operating system, formerly also called Mac OS X. This is successor of Mac OS (Classic) and is entering the Mac from the year 2012.

own macOS consists of an operating system developed by Apple called Darwin which are based on both iOS and macOS. Darwin has as the XNU kernel which has as main components the BSD (or FreeBSD) and Mach. In particular we are interested in the BSD, since that is a core derived directly from Unix .

in this way, OS X is not a like Unix-Like operating system, but that is a operating system Unix in all rule (and not because I say so).

 macOS (the old Mac OS X)

now will proceed to join all…

OS X is an operating system directly deriving (or almost) operating system Unix . On the contrary, Linux not derived from Unix, but that its structure is very similar to the Unix .

both Unix and Linux followed a very similar development lines. Therefore, this makes both operating systems compatible to some extent. Also share your stability and security in common, also share the fact that they both have parts which are free software (not all macOS is free).

then macOS and Linux are relatives? well… that depends on your point of view . If you’re referring to blood relatives can say that without a doubt, macOS and Linux are not relatives. But if the hand you are using a broader definition of relatives, then macOS and Linux are relatives.

you you think? that macOS is based on Unix brings interesting things such as compatibility, the high degree of stability and the high degree of security. Do you think that Apple did well to choose Unix as a basis for your operating system?

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