“Mac sales recorded a boost as well as the growth of the PC according to IDC

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new reports say Mac and PC have not died. Seeing a sales growth in the last quarter.
Despite what many believed, the Tablet did not replace traditional computers. And the recent numbers ensure that the users are betting on the Mac and PC, generating a growth in sales.

of Mac and PC sales grow

according to a report of the IDC (International Data Corporation), computers (Mac and PC) sales have shown a slight growth.
Adding all brands (including Apple), computers during the Q1 of 2017 total sales grew 0.6% over the same period of the previous year. “

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when tested with more details these numbers are that:
HP is the company that more it has grown occupying the first position as a manufacturer of computers. With a growth of the 13.1% compared to the previous year .
Lenovo is left with a second place, with a moderate growth of 1.7% compared to 2016.
Dell occupies the third place, increasing in a 6.2% its sales compared to the year 2016.
Apple gets done with the fourth place, selling a 4.1% than the same period of last year.

why do sales of computers grow?

there are many reasons why computers sales have increased. And much will depend on each region and type of user.
From IDC, Jay Chou (Research Manager) ensures that users have taken time in renovating their computers, updating more regularly its tablets and mobile. Being now the beginning of the call “replacement cycle” . “

 Mac vs Dell

how are sales of the Mac currently?

Phil Schiller Vice President of worldwide marketing for Apple products, has been shown to be very satisfied with sales that are getting with the new MacBook Pro.
Affirming that:

obviously, as you know, we just did a major update of the MacBook Pro line. That is going very well. Customers are absolutely delighted, we’ve had a lot of sales. Growing 20% during the year. We are very proud of this product.

apparently the was post PC Steve Jobs predicted where mobile devices like tablets, replace traditional PCs does not seem to have arrived. And computers have recovered part of the lost ground in recent years.
We’ll see where are these numbers and as evolve in coming quarters.

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