Mac sales reached a new record

Tim Cook has made some interesting statements . According to the CEO of Apple, Mac has reached a record in sales. And who is to blame? The MacBook Pro.

the MacBook Pro helped set the record sales of the Mac

MacBook Pro late model was presented last year, in the middle of the 2016 .

this was famous for including the famous TouchBar which was also fairly criticized. One of the first criticisms which are imputed to him was the absence of ports because only were various Thunderbolt 3 ports (compatible with USB-C) and a port for the headphone jack. But this problem has been hidden by another great criticism: his abusive and prohibitive price .

if was fairly criticized, according to Tim Cook this would have been the key to the success of the Mac in this quarter.

 Apple MacBook Pro 2016

the success of the Macs grows without stopping

Mac do not cease to amaze, and sales do not cease increase . Thus, if we compare with the results of the last year we can realize this.

If you look at the number units sold this quarter, we can see that these increased 4% from 4 million to 4.2 million. Those are a few Mac, but what is more surprising is the amount of earnings . In this case there was a increase of 14% from 5.1 billion dollars to 5.8 billion. That is enough money…

the following lines to attack: new Mac and updates

but Apple is not going to be looking as sales go up, that is not his style. The next Mac are already in phase of design and preparation.

an example is new Mac Pro that have already been announced officially . These are modular recalling the old Mac Pro, that worked as well. But that we discussed in another article .

 the Mac Pro modular would be delayed until 2019 current Mac Pro is very little modular, but this could soon change.

In addition, according to the well-known analyst of KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo has made several statements about new updates to the Cupertino company laptops. According to the analyst, this year could see a few new MacBook Pro with the new processors from Intel, the Lake Kaby . In addition, buyers of the 15 inch model may choose to 32GB of RAM . A total success in case of become a reality.

the rumorologo also announced that according to the information he possessed, Apple also is preparing a small update to the 12-inch MacBook. And let’s not forget the expected iMac Pro which like the modular Mac Pro also has been officially announced !

 concept of iMac concept of future iMac and new accessories.


as you can see, the Mac are at their best time, although I personally do not understand the because. While the company has gained much, your main problem is price, preventing new people is a bandwagon.

do you what do you think? this increase is why? Do you think that Apple is working well?

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