Mac Pro modular would be delayed until 2019

 the Mac Pro modular would be delayed until 2019

from Cupertino is working with a lot of intensity to keep as the leading company in technology since 2007 they introduced the iPhone , and become the star of the sector. In that sense, still working on that their devices are the best, and provide revolutions that continue keeping Apple ahead of its competitors. Within this dynamic of innovation and leadership is the project of creating a Mac Pro modular which initially seemed to be able to soon reach users, but new information point to this new project would be delayed until 2019.

the Mac Pro modular prepared Apple moves in time

 the Mac Pro modular would be delayed until 2019

Apple revealed on Tuesday that the current Mac Pro will not see a major update and is instead developing a new Mac Pro modular it was a great shock and attracted the interest of users. Apple said that the modular Mac Pro would not be available in 2017, but did not promise explicitly that the new machine would be ready next year. The editor Manager of OSNews, Thom Holwerda, believes that the project actually began “only a few weeks ago” and it is not complete as soon as we could expect.

a project that generates high expectations and would open many possibilities in the sector

 the Mac Pro modular would be delayed until 2019

A through information from anonymous sources who know the status of this project, Holwerda writes that the decision of Apple”that seem to have been taken in recent months”. It appears after the announcement of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar remodeled requests for ‘old’ MacBook Pros were fired and after the initial batch of reviews on it began to leave, soared even more. This response to the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Apple caught completely by surprise . Result of this Apple began work on this project which aims to cover some high expectations and continue leading the market, mostly professionals.

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