Looming patent dispute between Apple and imagination

tries with a formal dispute settlement procedures, a to avoid Apple patent litigation with

imagination technologies. In a the British graphic specialist reports press release to the ends of its fiscal year talks with Apple on a modified business Convention that could replace the existing agreements on royalty payments. The negotiations had not previously engaged to a satisfactory outcome.

 the record of the SoC A8X using Apple customized PowerVR GPU (image: Chipworks) the record of the SoC A8X using Apple customized PowerVR GPU (image: Chipworks)

the differences of opinion on the Apple’s of intention of return to upgrade to no more than two years on an own graphic design. The iPhone maker will then avowedly renounce the further use of imagination chip designs in its new products and more make then also no license payments. Apple acquires has licenses for the PowerVR GPU cores similar as for processors of ARM architecture and is entitled to adjust the imagination design according to your needs.

imagination doubts that Apple developing an own iPhone GPU can succeed without violating its intellectual property rights. The iPhone maker have refused to provide that it will no longer need the technology of imagination demanded evidence for his claim.

crash its stock price on the same day by more than 60 percent had “Imagination reserves all rights with respect to Apple’s unauthorized use of confidential information and intellectual property rights of imagination”, said imagination in the last month, when it made public due to Exchange legal regulations Apple’s plans – and this message.

with the now initiated arbitration proceedings the graphics specialist hopes apparently to reach a new agreement with Apple and to avoid risky judicial clarification. At the same time it hedges but also with the planned sale of business units, in order to strengthen its business with PowerVR technologies through new investments. Therefore the fields of MIPS and Ensigma focusing on embedded processors, as well as the licensing of intellectual property rights for mobile computing, unmanned systems, and IoT are available for sale.

through ongoing investments in PowerVR imagination expects a good placement in the areas of mobile, automotive sector, set-top boxes, as well as the rapidly developing market of augmented reality and virtual reality. In the medium term, it also opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence.

Apple holds even 8 percent of stake of imagination and one of its largest investors is thus at the same time. Last year negotiated the iPhone manufacturer even about a purchase of imagination, gave up but then a bid for the company. Transfer failed after the poached Apple instead on imagination and promoted from senior staff members.


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