LinkedIn: Microsoft integrated business network Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s integration of LinkedIn in dynamics of users have Microsoft -CRMs, you can take advantage of sales data from LinkedIn. Access to the database with nearly 500 million people is possible using the sales module in Dynamics 365 . Microsoft has the network last year for bought 26 billion dollars.

sales employees who use the Microsoft CRM can access through sales Navigator in LinkedIn to your contacts. With the help of artificial intelligence to proposals the user, which can provide valuable information for a conclusion, for example, by proposing a colleague, is associated with a person in the business network.

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“Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 is the effectiveness of sellers dramatically, they are able, to be able to retrieve their own network and their relations, thus to improve their pipeline”, Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, cloud and Enterprise Group at Microsoft commented in a blog .

in each dynamics lead, contact, account and opportunity pages of sales displays information Navigator such as ‘Person’ and ‘Companies’. There will be, as a LinkedIn press release, daily Navigator a synchronization between dynamics and sales.

accounts and contacts, that a seller in Dynamics working this way automatically sales Navigator is stored in. What will have stored simultaneously visible, persons or companies already in dynamics and the other way around. Selected activities in the LinkedIn tool InMail, messages and conversation notes can be saved with just a few clicks in dynamics of 365.

users can access through Dynamics 365 also on LinkedIn recruiter and various learning features. Guthrie for July 2017 in Vista provides this functionality. From then there will be also the new “Microsoft relationship sales, solution, the Microsoft’s dynamics of 365 for sales and the LinkedIn sales Navigator Team Edition combined. The solution costs $135 per seat per month .

Microsoft can use this integration not only the own CRM offerings more attractive, but justify even the costly acquisition of LinkedIn . The integration is obvious, because many sales teams use the business network for their work.

the company offers with Office 365 already an extensive integration with the azure-based Dynamics 365 for sale . In Office, you can retrieve price information, inventory, and customer information.

the new HR tool Dynamics 365 for talent to help recruiters find, adjusting and onboarding of candidates. Microsoft also offers a connection to LinkedIn recruiter, what allows for a dynamic candidate profile and provides managers with the latest information. HR departments get a consolidated view of employee information from Office, dynamics, and LinkedIn.

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 is also new for retail, which provides an integrated view of all operations in shops, warehouses and staff in a centralized view retailers. New Omni-channel capabilities, which will allow to connect with customers on all channels in contact to be added.

Microsoft to provide plane, dynamics in the future also from local data centers in Germany and the United Kingdom out.


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