LineageOS: Perform the updates manually

LineageOS is currently weekly updated. The updates contain bug fixes and integrate Google the security patches once a month. Currently the automatic update process does not work on many Smartphones however. Already downloading it comes to problems: disconnections are to blame for this. Alternative to the update can of course manually in the desktop browser download and then copying to the device, then with team win to Flash recovery project (TWRP).

the download the update function integrated in LineageOS succeeds happens currently still very often, updating then although starts, but failed to end. This is for example the LG devices G3 (D855) and G4 (H815) of the case. Also, the Galaxy S4 (jfltexx) is affected by this bug. Easily – if the download worked the automatic updating with the manages nexus 5 .

 LineageOS: update manually (image: about the recovery TWRP, previously downloaded updates can be installed (image:

solves the problem the recovery, with which you can also manually perform an update. Downloaded updates are stored in the directory /data/data/org.lineageos.updater/app_updates. In recovery, navigate to this folder, selects the update, and enabled the option “Automatic restart after installation”. Finally it confirmed yet the installation by pushing the slider right. After a few minutes, the update is installed. The following is a restart.

 LineageOS: update via recovery (image: updates LineageOS saves to the directory /data/data/org.lineageos.updater/app_updates. From there they can be installed via the TWRP recovery (image:

in the recovery start

often it comes when downloading updates through the update function integrated into LineageOS disconnections. With a desktop browser, the download succeeds in significantly more reliable. You downloaded an update on the desktop, you can then copy it to your Smartphone and install with TWRP. To do this, you must manually start in the recovery. The easiest way succeed, if you enabled the entry ‘Developer options’ siebenmaliges tap on the build number in the settings, and then turn on the option “Advanced restart” under ‘Developer options’. Now opens a further menu in which also “recovery” is listed at the off button under the item “Restart”. You select this entry and type in “OK” starts the device in the recovery.

 LineageOS: advanced restart (image: LineageOS: a boot in the recovery manages easily through the activation of”Advanced restart”(image:

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