LineageOS integrated current Android Sichherheitspatches

which have LineageOS developer of the popular custom of Rome at the beginning of the month of Google released security patches in their firmware integrated. The level of security patch dated April 5 and signaled that all 102 vulnerabilities that Google found Android in were closed.

 LineageOS: the latest update integrates the current security patches (screenshot: LineageOS: the latest LineagOS update integrates the latest security patches (screenshot:

32 of them are classified as critical. Attacker could inject malicious code with help from far away and run. Dangerous apps that exploit the vulnerabilities, can be removed under certain circumstances only through a complete Flash of the operating system where all user data will be lost.

Google has divided the fixes two updates April 5 raise Android on the security patch level 1 April respectively. The first update includes 23 fixes 6 as critical are rated. More 79 vulnerabilities be eliminated with the second update, users will receive depending on the manufacturer, not in April, but at the earliest with the may patch day.

six critical vulnerabilities once again into the media server. You can exploit with specially prepared media files. In addition, the components of CameraBase, audio server, phone and factory reset as well as the library are libskia vulnerable.

with the security patch level 5 April, Google mainly corrects bugs in hardware components by Broadcom, Qualcomm, MediaTek, HTC NVIDIA and Synaptics. More critical some vulnerabilities can be found also in various subsystems of the Android kernel, FreeType and the JavaScript engine V8.

LineageOS based now on Android 7.1.2

in addition to the integration of current security patches have the developers of LineageOS also converted their code base on the latest Android version 7.1.2 . Yet no other smart phone manufacturer uses it except for Google itself. Samsung for example, uses for its Galaxy Smartphone S6, S7 and S8 still the older version 7.0 . However, version 7.1.2 does not contain new features. Rather, it is a maintenance update that fixes some bugs, and aims to improve the performance.

LineageOS is one of the most popular custom ROMs. The reasons for this are found quickly: while Smartphonehersteller only two years at best, provide your equipment with updated versions of Android, LineagOS provides support for much older devices. So, for example, that can be Galaxy S4 and nexus based on Android 7.1.2 operate 5 easily with LineageOS.

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