LineageOS fixes in their current vulnerability

changelog describe improvements ongoing the developers of the popular Custom ROM LineageOS and drawing attention to a security vulnerability, which has been fixed as a precaution. For more safety of alternative Android version provides also the leaner and better updating browser app that was developed under the code name of jelly.

 LineageOS (image:

implementing Privacy Guard “su” multiple vulnerabilities were attributed to, who exploited should be possible even if it is not active. Therefore, the presence of the su binary code sufficient to compromise a device. Since only the security gap and no further details were reported, the lineage developers decided only to allow su access, if he is expressly permitted in the settings.

also a kernel patch hides su before all processes except root and system when the su-daemon is not running. That will not only effectively prevent unauthorized processes to the use of su, they should not even determine rather the presence of the binary code. “This is a precautionary measure,” the developers say. “We have absolutely no knowledge of active exploits for this problem.”

the last month introduced a new browser which was developed under the code name of jelly and is suitable for devices with videoplayer applications such as the previously developed browser Gello and / or not deal chrome . Gello was also more difficult to hold so users took advantage of an old and vulnerable chromium browser in the end often. The “little brother” jelly now replaced Gello and is more easily updatable, because it is based only on the built-in WebView engine. Thus users are assured in the future to use always the latest version of the Android Browserengine.

Google -Smartphone nexus 4 (mako) is no longer actively supported with new builds by LineageOS 14.1. If a device from the list, it does not mean however that it accounts for duration. A new maintainer of the work, makes itself are also new nightlies in sight.

LineageOS is one of the most popular custom ROMs. The reasons for this are found quickly: while Smartphonehersteller only two years at best, provide your equipment with updated versions of Android, LineageOS provides support for much older devices. So Galaxy S4 for example, it can be and the 5 nexus easily operate with LineageOS based on Android 7.1.2.

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