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are four months after the completion of the parade of Microsoft in the city of Munich, the plenary Assembly of the Munich City Council majority decided to let check the planned restructuring of the City IT what should ultimately spell the end for the probably most acclaimed and most-discussed Linux project in Germany. Initially only the IT Department will be, downsized and outsourced with underlying LTDs which however amounts to a hull IT team is hardly can serve their own projects.

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decision according to the conversion to Windows clients to the and commercially available programs are tested Office . In the Office programs that sounded some speeches, Microsoft Office was meant . The Linux project LiMux inserted in the city administration should then soon be history.

a responsible officer to lead the reconstruction of urban IT in the future. IT management split so far in three areas to be swapped in limited liability companies. Is the City Council to – what to go out but according to the current situation of the majority is results of examination – the conversion is to be implemented by 2020. It would have then also the end for Linux on the desktop in the city administration of Munich.

LiMux supporter Thomas Ranft by pirates has criticised the planned conversion. The IT Department is to implement no unit in his opinion more, but after his departure from LiMux a “liquidator”, tasked with will be there to handle the existing system and a new. He once again stressed that IT of the city of Munich had not a software problem, but a structural problem. That would, therefore, that the individual presentations so far “there had been muddling ahead”. Ranft appealed at the meeting in vain to his counterparts, to reject the request by he reminded them of the transition of the city of Freiburg by open software on Microsoft products. You regret the today in Freiburg on the basis of the costs incurred and the problems “bitter”.

against the transition also green Councillor Florian Roth with a passage from the last opinion fall from the city at Accenture in order given argued. It’s name is by analogy: the operating system is not the point. Rather, it is important to choose IT as a whole and to modernize. Fasten this modernization only on the Linux client, go past the goal.

that the costs for the new not may be mentioned to evolving client triggered consternation in observers. Also was accused in particular of the SPD, have brought about the decision in a kind of night and fog action. Councillors of other political groups as well as the IT staff had in the short term need to know of the plans from the newspaper.

complete the project discussion is interested to retrieve available on the corresponding website of the city.

the groups by CSU and the SPD had (PDF) tabled last week about the Administration and personnel Committee a , the new guidelines for the reorganization of the local information and communications technology to set. Between the lines, including the farewell was indicated by the open-source project LiMux.

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2003 Munich turned as the first city in Germany from Windows to Linux. At that time, the city had around 15,000 computer. The project with Linux and open source was municipal authorities long and fiercely disputed. Even Microsoft opposed intensely against it. Even at that time extra traveled Steve Ballmer to change the former Mayor Christian Ude. When that failed, the group opposed partly with quite transparent and flimsy arguments. Apparently, he was afraid that the example could make school what it did then indeed partially. Examples include Mannheim , Schwäbisch Hall , Torino , Valencia and Toulouse .

Münchens Oberbürgermeister Dieter Reiter, Microsoft-Chefin Sabine Bendiek und Bayerns Wirtschaftsministerin Ilse Aigner beim offiziellen Gruppenfoto zur Einweihung der neuen Deutschlandzentrale des US-Konzerns (Bild: Munich’s Mayor Dieter Reiter, Microsoft Chief Sabine Bendiek and Bavaria’s Economics Minister Ilse Aigner at the official group photo for the inauguration of the new headquarters of the U.S. group in Munich (image:

Munich tested already 2014 a return to Microsoft. Was established that so that users with the operation were dissatisfied. A group of experts should review the change back to Windows. However, was the City Council still behind LiMux and refuses. Also the LiMux-base client now in the visor, which essentially consists of OpenOffice, Thunderbird, and Firefox, has been certified by the TÜV-IT however already once before as “suitable for use”.

Vier Monate nachdem der Umzug von Microsoft aus dem Umland in die Stadt München mit der Einweihung der neu errichteten Deutschlandzentrale abgeschlossen wurde, beschließt der Stadtrat über den Umweg der Neustrukturierung der IT-Abteilung das Aus für das wohl meistbeachteten und meistdiskutierte Linux-Projekt in Deutschland (Bild: Microsoft) four months after the move was completed by Microsoft from surrounding areas in the city of Munich with the inauguration of the newly-built headquarters, the City Council via the restructuring of the IT Department decides for the probably most popular and most-discussed Linux project in Germany (image: Microsoft)

In the same year was a request of the City Council , that Munich would have to spend over 3 million euros alone for Windows-7-capable hardware. This, it would still cost of licenses and infrastructure. Mayor tab does not back then the problems in the City IT on Linux.

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