“{” “” “” “” “” Lichee Pi Zero, a new microcontroller comes to the market for 5 Euro

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Lichee Pi Zero

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many are rivals that, with the passage of time, are coming to the market in search of that hole that can snatch as famous as the Raspberry Pi models. On this occasion I want to introduce you to the Lichee Pi Zero a model which, as its name suggests, is a Chinese clone of the Raspberry Pi Zero which comes with certain characteristics that surely you will like them.

among the most interesting details in the Lichee Pi Zero, for example mentioning that we are talking about a card that is not larger than a card micro SD and conforms to operate with a consumption of 0.1 to. In this size can run without problems Linux 4.10 and all this for a price of $6, just under about 5 euros to change .

helps finance Lichee Pi Zero and get a drive for less than 5 euros.

now, must avoid the temptation to disparage the capacity of this driver since, despite its low price, it has a processor ARM Allwinner V3S with a Cortex-A7 CPU capable of running at 1 Ghz. We must add to this processor 512 Mbit of RAM DDR2 memory and even a micro SD card reader.

If you are interested in what they can offer Lichee Pi Zero, no doubt videos leave more than patent capabilities, just let know you that your developers seek financing through Indiegogo a campaign where they have already raised more than 3,500 dollars of the 5,000 that has as its goal the project . There is still little more than one month to close.

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