License controversy: Qualcomm owes BlackBerry $815 million

Qualcomm BlackBerry must pay $814,9 million, plus interest and Attorney’s fees. This is the result of arbitration, both companies were subjected to in order to settle a dispute over a license agreement. The decision of the Arbitration Court is binding and may not be appealed.

 Qualcomm (image: Qualcomm) at the heart of the dispute was the question of whether the upper limit offered voluntarily by Qualcomm for royalties for loud Qualcomm”non-refundable advance payments”, had made the BlackBerry between 2010 and 2015 for a certain number of sold devices. The Court replied in the affirmative this claim that Qualcomm however continues to refuse.

“Although Qualcomm disagrees with the decision, it is binding and not an appeal”, the U.S. chip maker shared with . “The arbitration is limited to advance purchase rules, for BlackBerrys license agreement with Qualcomm are valid, and does not affect agreements with other licensees.”

BlackBerry CEO John Chen, however, stressed the long-term cooperation and the key technological partnership of the two companies. Qualcomm and the Canadian company cooperate, inter alia in terms of safety for the car industry and application-specific integrated circuits (application specific integrated circuit, ASIC).

the BlackBerry stock trading had been suspended yesterday shortly before the sentencing. Then put the price of the stock by more than ten percent. Until the close of the trading, which increased plus to 1.24 dollars or 16,04%. Stagnated in the post-trading market of course but at 8.94 dollars.

a similar dispute Qualcomm is currently also with Apple out. This involves the question of whether it had to accept unfair license conditions to purchase for its iPhones and iPads needed modem chips from Qualcomm. Currently, the U.S. trade authority Federal Trade Commission investigates this question. The EU Commission also examines possible violations of Qualcomm’s European competition laws. South Korean authorities had already condemned the US company end of December to the payment by $854 million.

Qualcomm rejects, however, all allegations. Apple’s suit countered earlier in the week with an 134-seitigen character set, in which it placed under breach of contract the company from Cupertino . Also Apple should have reduced the performance of certain modem chips in its iPhones it to adapt to the slower performance of the used for same iPhone models Intel chips. At the same time, Apple Qualcomm should have forbidden to express themselves publicly to the “superior performance of iPhones” with Qualcomm chips. DISPLAY

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