LG will supply Apple recognition modules 3D for FaceTime camera of the iPhone 8

seems to be responsible for supplying the modules needed for everything to do with face recognition will be LG Innotek.

would a rumor not so rumor?

there are plenty of rumors that flooded the networks about what will implement the 8 of Apple iPhone. Yesterday we could see in this article a series of readers, and even a video of how it will be iPhone 8 and we could see some clear things.

the first thing physical absence of the Touch ID which would indicate that not going to place on the rear, and that putting it, they could include it in the area of functions, which we have also spoken here .

another thing also rumored, and may be related to the absence of Touch ID of the article mentioned above, would be the ever closer possibility 8 iPhone has facial recognition. “

LG, responsible for the supply of components for face recognition

 LG innotek LG, system provider of facial recognition of iPhone 8

source announced this fact has been The Investor and from there tell us how LG is already part of our iPhone. You will be interested to know that LG is responsible for supplying Apple double camera modules that mount the iPhone 7 Plus iSight Duo.

says that LG would be thinking about building a plant to build this series of sensors and modules so Apple can mount this type of technology in their long-awaited iPhone 8, located in the FaceTime camera .  The cost of the construction of the manufacturing plant would be around the 238 million dollars.

Ming-Chi – Kuo already predicted that Apple would incorporate this technology in its next iPhone, although then it was said that it was not yet sufficiently developed to implement it now. Even to mention the source of such production, PrimeSense best known for the creation of the Xbox Kinect control.

still don’t know how to make to make all this possible, but also talked about much facial recognition through sensors by infrared. All this may sound a bit futuristic, but iris recognition is already being used by many users.

what is clear is that Apple must innovate and launch a totally new product, with functions and features innovative and surprising if you don’t want that competition will take over.

do you think that we will see this in the iPhone 8 facial recognition technology, or that it will be maybe seen in the following? 

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