“Leaves your clean Mac with these tips and tricks

 clean laptop

today we will see a series of tips and tricks about how clean computers, and more specifically the Mac and MacBook.

but before I want to clarify one thing that applies to everything we are talking about here. It is recommended to carry out any type of cleaning with the device shutdown .

a clean keyboard for a good deed

the MacBook keyboards and notebooks in general, and the Magic Keyboard are somewhat more difficult to clean than normal keyboards. On these keyboards, remove keys is a virtually impossible task.

do not recommend removing the keys If you do not want to risk damaging the mechanism. Something that does not happen, for example, in mechanical keyboards, where you can collect the keys safely. And how clean it then? A solution that may come to mind is the use of air compressed but… the design of current Apple keyboards, and layout of any compact keyboard, makes it difficult to clean with compressed air. Because that keys tend not to be communicated among themselves, besides there is no space where to enter air pressure to drag the powder into the corners and there to pick it up.

and I clean it then? Superficially it is very easy, simply clean the keyboard with a wipe or cloth damp ( not wet because if you leave a trail of water it may lead to damaging the electronics). The problem is to clean the lower part keys. There are several solutions, but perhaps the simplest to House is availing ourselves of a piece of or adhesive tape. In this way, we pass a piece of zeal below each key so thus all dust from sticking. The problem is that so only we get rid of the “light” soils. Clean completely a compact keyboard that uses Apple is something very complicated… “

 clean the keyboard

to see better, without obstacles on the display

the screen… that magnet for dust and dirt…


the screen is probably the part of the computer which becomes more dirty. The chief culprit is dust that is in the air which is likely to remain on the screen. But it is not the only culprit. There are two other cases that also favor to our screens look dirty if you spend much time if cleaned.

saliva is one of those causes. Yes, saliva. Talking about although we cannot see it and are not aware of it, we let a small amount of saliva. These droplets just on the screen along with the dust, especially if we tend to talk about or discuss in front of our beloved screen. And Yes, something similar happens also with the mere fact breathing obviously, are not going to quit…

another cause are also fingers . Although usually tend to think that this is only a problem of touch screens, that is not true. Who ever touched the screen to indicate something? Most likely Yes. But the worst thing is that the footprint is marked more than a touch screen. Why? Because touch screens are already designed for you touch them, and therefore have a better protective oleofoba layer than those that are not.


the remedy

how can I clean the screen? The simplest way to remove the dust is to do it with a dry cloth . If you have a lot of dust, to avoid scratching the screen it is best to use a Feather Duster, or even better, compressed air, so as to avoid pressing the dust against the screen. And cloth can I use? The best is a microfibre cloth, as for example, which comes with most Macs. And the movement should preferably be linear and towards the edges.

in the event that after this is still dirt footprints for example, must go one step further. For this we will use a product for cleaning, but not worth that we use for our home. It cleans crystals traditional is too strong and it can damage our screen, so it is preferable to use a specific cleaned screens . In addition, commenting that the cleaning liquid should take on the cloth, and not on the screen directly, and always sparingly so not dripping. “Do not have or do not want to buy a specific liquid to clean screens, we can clean it in the same way that we will clean the body of the Mac.

 clean your computer screen

a brilliant Mac

now it is the turn to the computer housing, in this case, nice housing of aluminum Mac. with what can I clean it? Again, the screens clean can be a good solution. But it is also a good idea to use a dissolution of water with a very small amount of dishwasher, although it could also be worth with a drop of alcohol.

the procedure to follow is very simple. The most important thing to keep in mind is that we owe moisten the cloth with our solution. And I mean damp, not wet. It is important that the cloth does not drip and that to pass it does not leave a trail of water that water could enter the slots in your computer and damage the electronics.

 clean Mac

a few clean ports for a good connection

there are times it seems that our pendrive, SD card or charger are partially connect . This can be for many reasons, but one of them may be dirt .

the procedure for cleaning is very simple and similar to the keypad. In this case, the first line of action will be to try to eliminate all dust port with compressed air. To do this, we will use the straw that comes with the pot of compressed air, so to be able to focus the air output (better if we boost the air at an angle and not perpendicular to the port).

where it is still dirty, you can use a piece of zeal or similar to inserting it gently through the port. What should not be in any case is a wire or any other rigid material. If we make use of a rigid tool can damage the pin connection and disable the port. So you know, anything to get a hard material, warned you stay…

 port Mac

and these are all tips on cleaning in the Mac that we could collect and that we serve. In addition, it may also be interesting to clean it on the inside, but that is another topic apart…

what do you think of all of them? What other tips would you give your?

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