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the idea of combining our own musical samples looks very easy and tempting, but like all things, it requires a little practice. The market offers multiple solutions for different levels of experience, although it is likely that some users prefer to gain a little traction before putting the Bills on the table. That is the Mission of portal Learning Music Ableton which through ten chapters teaches us basic details at the time of combine, repeat and separate sounds.

my experiments with small samples never went beyond the creator of ringtones available on the old Sony Ericsson W200 (extraño ese teléfono) but with a dash of creativity and a good dose of time could go there very interesting melodies. That said, imagine what could do you with resources a little more «professionals» If you want to, starting with Ableton Live and Novation Launchpad . You will have to invest about €180 If you want to get the Intro and Mini versions respectively, but from there, the sky’s the limit. Now, the people of Ableton has a very interesting proposal: why not master essential concepts first?

do not hesitate to make mistakes or ask for help during the exercises

Learning Music it all begins with a visit to the portal which technically is in phase beta, but works pretty well. The content is divided into ten chapters and dozens of lessons, so we recommend that you be prepared to spend a good time there. As the site implies, prior experience is not required or equipment especially for the lessons, however, what is required is true mastery of the English language. Rhythms, notes, chords, speed changes, and even a mini-Simulator of Launchpad appear there. Moreover, if you want to use a keyboard that is traditional to preview mode also can do so under certain exercises.

a as you go forward, the portal will enable resources more complex

in summary, if want to create your own music Learning Music has solid foundations. Works both in Firefox and Chrome, but the performance was a little better on Google browser (ael menos en mis pruebas).

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