“Learn how to make the most of your iPhone with these tips

 tips to take advantage to your iPhone.

are accustomed to use plenty of apps from different developers, which we download to make us more enjoyable every day or simply help us to structure the work. On the other hand, we don’t take advantage of the number of short cuts, tricks or aid that provides us with our iPhone. Then, we leave you a compilation of the best tips that the same company of Apple shows on its website .

tips for your iPhone

one of the most unknown native applications of our iPhone is M messages. Today, many Apple users are unaware of the operation.

most of them think that you are only as old SMS and we will charge for it. This is true to a certain extent, i.e. messages are sent between Apple users, the cost will be zero euros whereas if the user that we write is not Apple, then it applies the rate indicating us our company.

inside of this same messaging application, another point that is unknown are conversations in group. Similar to WhatsApp or Telegram allow you to create groups, messages also it allows us. This simply must instruct recipients who want to send them a message and automatically create it.

the conversation not only you will be able to send text, but it gives us the possibility to add, in addition to images or videos, drawings or stickers. Also, if we press the received message can choose quick response .

sometimes you’ve needed to know at the time that it has sent or received a message, because just by sliding it to the left will appear we all hours that you have sent messages.

 tips to the messages App. tips for the messages App. Source: Apple,

to all has happened that we need to do a photo fast and have the phone locked. With just slide your finger to the left you can access the camera quickly, without having to unlock it.

 tips for the camera. tips for the camera. Source: Apple.

We all know that in the control center, one of the buttons is that of the flashlight, but there are users who are unaware of the options that this allows us to make use of the 3D Touch. If we click on this button it will give us the option to choose the intensity of light flashlight, bright, normal light or Dim .

 tips for the flashlight. tips for the flashlight. Source: Apple.

Our Assistant’s voice, which is important improvements, rumored offers enough options that we do not use or even know.

the most common is to ask Siri the search for information on a topic, but there’s more. If we need to do a mathematical operation with only tell it, this will be able to solve it in the moment, without having to open the calculator.

 tips for Siri. tips for Siri. Source: Apple.

If you are a user of Safari you will have noticed that an icon appears to the left of the search bar with you horizontal. If you click on it, the web site that you are visiting is simplified, allowing us a reading clean and tidy. only displayed text and images, no ads.

 tips for the Safari App. tips for the App Safari. Source: Apple.

When we’re writing, whatever the application, to the left of the space bar on your keyboard appears a key with a microphone. This allows us, through the speech recognition, write what we dictemos him.

 tips for dictation. tips for dictation. Source: Apple.

Our iPhone is capable of read certain texts that you can select in the application. To be able to make use of this option, we will have to go to settings > General > accessibility > read.

 tips for reading a text. tips for reading a text. Source: Apple.

If you are passionate of photography you will like these tips you may not know.

in the film, when viewing any image, appears at the bottom a heart. If we check, will automatically include us that image in an album with the name of favourite .

is very common to download any App for photo editing, but our native photo app has an own editor. It is not as powerful as other applications but for a safe simple tweak that you will serve.

Finally, when you go to make a photo from the camera, you can adjust exposure level. To do this you will have to press in the point of the image where you want to set up automatic exposure and then slide your finger up or down to adjust the exposure manually.

 tips to the photos App. tips to the photos App. Source: Apple.

They are a simple and basic tips you may not know and may be useful to you. Not everything depends on the App Store applications, our iPhone, natively, has a lot of options that will help us to make the most out of.

know about all these functions? Do you know any more than we have not named?

tell us your opinion about all of them in the comments.

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