Leaked some of the potential features of iOS 11

iOS 11 will be officially presented on 5 June at the Conference of developers that Apple held every year under the title WWDC. This year the expectation is maximum since iOS 11 could give us any clues about the future iPhone since at the end, let us note, will be the operating system that is included by default in the next Apple terminal.

there are many rumors that arise in the last weeks about 8 iPhone but in this post won’t tell you about one more. I’m going to concentrate on iOS 11 already that in the latest media several hours have echoed from a “possible filtering” of some features that could be implemented iOS 11.

iOS 11 would be far more social and incorporated as respondent dark mode BGR

has published on its website the forecasts of a mysterious user in the forums of Reddit, that a few minutes published on this site which says that it would incorporate iOS 11, erased it.

However, there were some users who could capture the comment before it was removed to analyze in detail the message. I summarize:

according to Cyanhat (so calls himself), Apple would be profoundly improving the Wallet application “adding social functionality” in addition to “add a module in iMessage enabling send money through the app ” in order to allow us to make payments between people via Apple Pay.

 Apple Pay on iPhone Apple Pay would take on more importance if possible on iOS 11.

Another rumor that mentions relates to FaceTime to incorporaria major enhancements including the possibility of make group calls for up to 5 participants (already played), and with regard to the audio FaceTime says that “these would be made by default to the dial to a contact with iPhone”. This last I can hardly see it, since it would be an unnecessary expenditure of our rate data, and I personally think it’s okay where is.

and to finish off their forecasts, mentioning the arrival of the dark so that all we demand and also a improvement of low-power mode, making it smarter and that it would detect when we have been home, within our network Wi-Fi for not being to be with a level of less than 20% this battery is automatically activated. Regarding this last function, it seems that it would not in time perhaps for the first version but if that would be implemented in future versions.

the WWDC is right around the corner and as it is logical, the rumors every time will be more frequent. Not be that you seem this user forecasts, which have some sense given that, in the end, several of them already were mentioned long ago as Apple objectives for a future. And who knows, perhaps the future is more about what we think.

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