Lancom 10.0 software-defined networking promises to redeem with LCOS

Lancom an important update of the operating system for its gateway, router, Wi-Fi devices made with LCOS 10.0 available. Along with the now also available switch OS 3.30 for the young, but in the expansion of the LAN switch portfolio of the manufacturer (the series 23xx) so that on the one hand the consistent management of the Lancom management cloud (LMC), on the other hand are all components delivered since beginning of 2015 for software-defined networking fit made. The software-defined management is possible for WAN, LAN and Wi-Fi.

 Lancom with LCOS 10.0 software-defined-networking promise (graphic: Lancom) Lancom with LCOS 10.0 software-defined-networking promise (graphic: Lancom)

In contrast to other providers that offer only the global cloud variant, the LMC from one in Germany-powered and hosted public cloud or at larger customers even as instance operate in their own data center can. Also, the previously offered management tools LANconfig and LANmonitor remain available.

support for software-defined networking ( SDN ) is worthwhile especially in view larger customers with highly distributed structures, in the retail sector, regularly want to change configurations, in education or in the operation of networks on behalf of customers. By all network components – if they do come from Lancom – vote among themselves, are also mutual dependencies automatically detected and, where appropriate, taken into account.

 Wi-Fi access points (image: Lancom) also the current Wi-Fi access point from Lancom benefit from operating system update (image: Lancom)

it is also possible to have newly set up in remote locations of devices only fundamentally personnel or replace then according to the manufacturer. Basically, Lancom promises significant time and cost savings, as well as more flexibility with SDN offer. Also, another feature is that once purchased network products are not firmly bound to a management-cloud. That makes it especially for managed service providers easier and cheaper – or even possible – to devote them depending on the needs of their clients.

with LCOS 10.0 the firmware as well as the functionality of the SDN gets some more improvements and new features. So full transparency about “Common applications and services” in the network is made according to the manufacturer now with Layer 7 application recognition. As examples, he mentions YouTube and Netflix, which are probably only rarely relevant to business and limit yourself here. The list includes numerous common corporate applications that you can prioritize and it is expected she will be continuously expanded with time.

to support the ongoing transition to all-IP by the telecommunications companies Lancom has upgraded the voice call is integrated in its business VoIP routers Manager support for IPv6 and complements the session border controller to allow for the encryption in the internal network. About that in the session border controller now possible internal SIP trunk termination can be also SIP PBXs to external VoIP lines. The release notes (PDF), as well as the feature Notes (PDF) of the manufacturer offer a complete overview of all new features and fixes.

a similar offer as Lancom on legs make to, has the U.S. provider Riverbed a few days ago the US-based Wi-Fi specialists Xirrus taken over . With the purchase, the possibilities limited mainly to SD-WAN should be extended from Riverbed Technology on wireless and above all. Already in this direction HPE – expand your portfolio acquisition of Aruba Networks and Cisco since the since Meraki purchase.


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