“” “” “” “Knows a little better to Lucas Krauel, a surgeon who prints tumors in 3D to fight cancer child

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Lucas Krauel

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many are people who see in technologies such as 3D printing new forms of business while other , on the other hand, see in them the ideal way to improve the daily life of all the people who surround them. This is the case of Lucas Krauel a catalan surgeon who has spent years working to eradicate neuroblastoma a type of very aggressive tumor that forms in the nervous tissue and develops mainly in children.

as the same argues:

are very difficult cases to operate because the tumor surrounds blood vessels and arteries. I remember surgeons who have had to say: ‘ look not, this cannot be, is inoperable ‘. But of the children depends on just that. If we can remove the tumor, the percentage of survival decreases.

Lucas Krauel is a perfect example of how innovative technologies such as 3D printing can help many patients.

Lucas Krauel continues with his words, commenting that, while this technique may help many patients, the truth is that, at least for the moment, it is too expensive since in many cases a prototype 3D printing can cost up to 3,000 euros Although today continue to work very hard in the development of this technology so that it can become cost 300 euros although at least for the time being, there is still long way to go since the materials are too rudimentary. On the other hand, his team is struggling to get that this type of work can carry out with more speed since, at the moment, are own surgeons and technicians who have to review all the images that make up a digital reconstruction, something that fully may take up to a week of work.

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