Keylogger: HP updated notebook audio driver

HP the distribution of patches started with, which removes the keylogger function leaked yesterday from an audio driver of HP notebooks. Initially, he is however only for newer devices available, which were built from 2016. Today in the course of the day, but already an update for the affected 2015 models will follow.

the keylogger Thorsten Schröder Swiss security researchers had made public yesterday . Therefore, a driver for Conexant audio chips has a function to record any keystrokes. These are stored in the file “C:UsersPublicMicTray.log”. Each user and also malware – with access to an affected system can read the file and trace all keystrokes.

 also the HP EliteBook 1030 G1 has the audio driver in question with keylogger function (image: HP). also the HP EliteBook 1030 G1 has the audio driver in question with keylogger function (image: HP). The driver version is affected and earlier. It is found under circumstances on dozens models of product series Elitebook, ProBook, elite x 2 and ZBook . The driver is Windows 10 and Windows 7 also for and supports in addition to Conexant audio eats also the Intel smart sound technology (ISST) audio controller.

“HP is committed to the safety and the keylogger problem of certain HP PCs known privacy of its customers and us,” a spokesman of the company said. “As a result of the error, HP has no access to customer data.” In a telephone conversation with ZDNet US, HP Vice President Mike Nash added that the keylogger function was accidentally added to the production version of the driver. It was never intended to deliver the driver so to customers.

how many models or customers are affected, the Manager did not, however. The incorrect driver is installed not only on business laptops but also to consumer devices.

the patch developed by HP now also the log file located next to the keylogger code. The distribution of the updates via the according to HP Web site and Nash, also via Windows Update.


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