Kaspersky Lab update Kaspersky Anti targeted attack platform

Kaspersky Lab has a new version of its Kaspersky Anti targeted attack platform presented, a solution for the detection of sophisticated threats and targeted attacks on companies. The solution combines machine learning algorithms with ready to use global threat intelligence and high adaptability to the respective customer infrastructure. Large companies can identify according to security experts, so complex and advanced attacks in different stages of their development. The solution is now available.

 Kaspersky Lab (image: Kaspersky)

the new version of Kaspersky Anti targeted attack platform offering sandbox clustering an improved scalability and optimize the visualization of attacks through a comprehensive update of the graphical interface, so Kasperky lab. Anti targeted attack platform Kaspersky at via network and end point sensing, different threat characteristics Sandbox technology and intelligent analysis techniques put together in relationship.

“In line with our strategy to offer powerful, customizable security companies, we have improved the product primarily in three areas,” said Veniamin Levtsov, Vice President Enterprise business at Kaspersky Lab. “This includes the addition of new scenarios, thereby improving visualization, analytical capabilities and automatic mapping of events to the respective incident first. The second area concerns the new scalability, flexibility and adaptability of the solution to the specific needs of a company. “And thirdly, our solution provides a clear, understandable, and configurable visualization, which is crucial for fast detection and appropriate responses.”

with the new version of Kaspersky Anti targeted attack platform to the performance of improved integration of endpoint increase. The integration is carried out over the end point security solutions from Kaspersky Lab or as a separate endpoint solution, which allows users to detect anomalies in the behavior of potential malware and request more data for analysis. So well disguised attacks are detected, a process which repeatedly scans suspicious objects and traps them in an archive has been added.

even if attacker host externally harmful objects (which is often the case), optimises Kaspersky Anti targeted attack platform visibility and analysis of attack – not only files, but also URLs in a sandbox are processed. In addition, password-protected archives can be processed; an important element when, for example, password-protected E-Mail attachments are sent by the attackers.

also the infrastructure of the sandbox was decentralized. She adapts according to Kaspersky Lab better to the needs of the customers, approximately on the existing hardware or virtualized infrastructure. In addition, the connection of the solution at the network and E-Mail traffic has been simplified. Kaspersky Security integrates with the solution for mail gateway can the new Kaspersky Anti-virus repel also malicious E-Mails targeted attack platform.

decision makers in the Cyberkrisenfall have for incident response (incident response) often only on a restricted visibility of the attack, as Kaspersky Lab’s experts explain. A complete picture is required for the classification of attack however, recognize what alarm message has priority in the investigation. The new dashboard by Kaspersky Anti targeted attack platform displays detailed information on the status of regular security checks and to recent events. It also contains information about incidents, which are obtained from the data of the associated events. Administrators can assign different roles for data protection reasons. The sensitive data can so access to information about specific areas of infrastructure, will contain, restricted depending on the privacy policies in the company.

“in responding to the constantly changing threat landscape comes it matters, and security intelligence to be innovative in high-performance technologies for our customers to transform”, explains Veniamin Levtsov. “We must constantly develop our advanced algorithms and so served, like the customer. Finally also simple operation and operating costs contribute to a faster identification and elimination of hazards”.


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