Kaspersky Cyberstrategie simulation exposes KIPS online

Kaspersky Lab provides an online version of Kaspersky interactive protection simulation (KIPS) ready. As long with the offline version, live practiced KIPS, strategy simulation of kips online executives in terms of cyber-security to train and thus contribute to a better safety culture. Both versions are available as part of Kaspersky Security awareness Kaspersky Lab and its sales partners.

 Kaspersky Lab corporate headquarters (image: Kaspersky)

the security company stated that the simulation is based on twenty years experience in the field of cybersecurity. In a playful way, she should help to respond as soon as possible in the event of an emergency and to decisions under time pressure. As business games it gives quick and coordinated measures that help prevent costs.

“The General Cybersicherheitskultur in a company comprised of knowledge about threats, attack scenarios and appropriate defensive measures”, Suhl, explains Holger General Manager roof at Kaspersky Lab. “Response – so the appropriate response to Cybersicherheitsvorfälle – and the necessary Mitigationsstrategien in the team should be made at the highest corporate level a successful incident”.

this teamwork approach will take into account at Kip’s, where instead of usual methods, entertaining, but relevant and thorough simulation games would be used. The simulation to run regularly not more than two hours and Manager schools so that they enhance the co-ordination within the company and reduce the cost of the recovery, when it comes to a threat of cyber-security. “The online version of Kip makes this training process more flexible and allows the simple integration of the top management of international corporations”, Suhl promises. It is no matter to replace the responsible for cyber-security in the organization.

while training with Kaspersky interactive protection simulation participating teams with the task are entrusted, it to face the financial stability of the company to receive while with cyber threats. Prior to the introduction of a worldwide KIPS online tournament, corporate clients and media around the world were invited to the organised Kaspersky Lab. Total 270 teams from 40 countries took part in the competition, which was also a test run for the KIPS-online platform. According to the Organizer, the Kip’s winter series proved that the online simulation is also suitable for large teams with up to several hundred participants.

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