JPMorgan predicts a 8 iPhone with AirPods including

8 iPhone rumors don’t stop out on the net. The great enthusiasm that we have in this new generation of the iPhone is making all consumers are looking forward to any filtration that may arise. This time JPMorgan leaks suggest that iPhone 8 would include in the box the AirPods. will be this true or will remain in a fake?

headphones €180 with iPhone 8

seems to be that Apple would be following the policy that Samsung has had in its latest release, the Samsung Galaxy S8, which included series headphones AKG. This step could be given also Apple, including boxed iPhone 8, the best headphones that have currently, the AirPods . Although Samsung has opted for a brand that is not itself, Apple bet its product star in hearing aids.

 AirPods €180 AirPods could come included in the iPhone 8

would Apple include some AirPods with 8 iPhone? It should be recalled that the price has this supplement is €180 . If they end up including, the Cupertino company you’re going them to have to charge on the other hand this means that we will possibly see it reflected in the price, and is therefore, which should direction those rumors claiming that the minimum price of this device would be € 1000.

this add-on included in the iPhone 8 could be very attractive face to the public although not so much the price that would have the iPhone. In my opinion, the best strategy would be to include these AirPods but not raise the price, since I think it would be too much sacrifice for the company on economic issues, since it should be remember that e l manufacture of the iPhone price is almost half the price that what sell us to us. another point to keep in mind is the low availability having this add-on. Whether to include them, production should increase and not to continue going to eyedropper, since this could end up delaying the launch of the iPhone 8.

5 display, 85″ from side to side on the iPhone 8

in addition, JPMorgan has also given details of the design that we see in the iPhone 8 September. The analyst says that we will have a screen OLED 5, 85″ which would go from side to side and the Home button would be included in the screen, something that is very challenged by all users that they doubt the position of this button, if you will be on the back or the front integrated on-screen. “

 screen iPhone 8 JPMorgan possible screen iPhone 8 | Source: JPMorgan

in addition, JPMorgan is also a clear advocate that this new Apple terminal will be presented at the WWDC 2017 . Something that I personally don’t think to pass, since this Conference is intended for operating systems and not to the terminals. This new terminal has such importance that deserves an own Keynote. Although Apple may end up surprising us.

source | 9to5mac

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