“iTunes U update IOS adding annotations

 iTunes U

Apple updated Tuesday, iTunes U with new features including options for annotation and different ways to share and access social networks.

what is iTunes U?

Apple already know that focuses on education at all levels . There are discounts for students and wanted to adapt their devices so that they are used in schools, colleges and universities. With iTunes U, Apple tries to make these initiatives even more attractive, promoting free and for all knowledge. 

is a platform of knowledge, in which offer courses and lessons to them who can subscribe, download them and learn from them. Everything is free and high-quality as it is normally offered by major institutions. “

 iTunes U

iTunes U is even more suited to the needs of students

with this latest update, users of iTunes U can add annotations to photos . It was previously only allowed to do it with the documents in PDF format. Video messages may also include discussions private between teacher and student. In addition, all users can open files of audio and video directly into other applications. “

 iTunes U in the App Store iTunes U in the App Store

new update comes followed by Classroom or classroom (for Spain) update

application Classroom or classroom has been updated specifically for iPads under iOS 10.3 . This application aims that teachers can use their iPads in ‘school mode’. Now teachers can manually create classes or classrooms and to invite students . This new utility is specially designed for those centres that do not have a large scale mobile systems. In addition, classroom now allows that it is can mute the audio in iPads for students and has replaced the extension to share classroom with AirDrop.

 classroom in the App Store classroom in the App Store

If you don’t have iTunes U on your iPad, you can download it here . You can also download classroom although remember that this version works only on iPads that have upgraded to iOS 10.3.

and you are a user of iTunes U? Do you think that it is worth? Leave your opinion in the comments box.

via Appleinsider

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