ITN Converter: convert GPS routes files to any format

currently have complete routes of itineraries of GPS that apart from showing the route on a map, they indicate the points of interest, but in some cases the points format is not compatible with devices or programs. And it is here where comes into play ITN Converter, a powerful platform to convert GPS routes to different formats .

environment convert GPS routes to the most popular formats such as KML, XML, OV2, Google Maps, PTM, GPX, RT, TRP, LOC, etc. But the tool is not only in a simple converted, because also it you can edit and create routes from predefined maps such as Google Map, Bing Maps, Tomtom routes Mappy Map, Nokia OVI Map, Spain IGN, ArcGIS World map, etc.

Once downloaded the program from their official website, you will see a simple interface from which you can convert the points of interest (waypoint) formats. And the points of interest where you want us to stop, because each platform has its format, for example Microsoft Point, uses the format PTM, Google Earth, KML format and here is where the platform will change the formats of the points of interest easily. “

 change of format landmarks change of format points of interest

to start converting the routes of route, you will have to click on the button “ Open ” and import it, then enumerates all landmarks. If you need to edit somewhere, you may double click on them and begin to edit them.

If you need to create one or several points of interest, click on the button “ Editor ” and should see as on the map opens in a separate window, here you have to choose the provider (Google Map, Bing Maps, Tomtom routes, Mappy Map, Nokia OVI Map, Spain IGN, ArcGIS World map, etc). In the path of the map you have to click anywhere and a pop-up window will open, click on “ Add to itinerary ” and complete the information that you need. “

 a very simple task a task very simple

at the end, click on icon green accent which is located in the upper right, now you subtract select export, the destination format and ready!

with the platform you can change, create, or edit points of interest to different formats, so you can read them on any device. You also have the possibility of adding background a map, which will highly visual view of the route.

ITN Converter is a free program which is available for Windows operating systems.

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