IT management with HPE OneView: benefits for medium-sized companies

with HPE OneView keep a central management and monitoring solution for your network and all built-in components. The operation is intuitive and quick to learn. The advantage of HPE OneView is first of all that the solution can centrally control the servers in the network, and monitor and at the same time the storage and network components. More and more companies digitalize their processes and use Internet of things on industry 4.0 and ( IoT ). This increasingly complex and jagged monitoring and control tasks are necessary, the only automated optimally work.

which takes place in HPE OneView can display all information of the connected devices via a dashboard that are adapted to the needs of the company. In the dashboard, all included components are centrally available. Are no different management tools or Web interfaces so the management of servers, storage, network, or apps required.

also have to make adjustments to the various connected devices, without that administrators need to have detailed knowledge of the individual devices and their management interfaces. Many tasks can be completely automated. As a result, new devices can be quickly and easily implemented and transferred to environments such as a hybrid cloud environment. In digital companies, where often many young employees with less experience work with a central monitoring and control is much easier and above all efficient with HPE OneView.

but also in local area networks, without the connection to the cloud or a pronounced digitization plays HPE OneView from its advantages, because all important tasks can be automated and standardised. This benefits not only companies that are already engaged in industry 4.0 or IoT, but also companies that have not already done a modernization, but may go the first steps in this direction. This improves the availability of IT and saves investment. You can also make this more effective devices, apps, and other components in the network.

through the use of HPE OneView have administrators and developers who can complete IT infrastructure centrally in sight, but central also adjust settings on the servers, install software/apps and updating firmware on the servers. Administrative tasks can be automated, so that even small and medium-sized companies benefit from the solution, as IT staff must wasting his time with unnecessary tasks, a software can do without another. Existing processes in the company must be streamlined so that IT staff can worry about new projects and modernisation of the company.

who HPE OneView wants to try can download the trial version of the HPE Web site to and test up to 60 days.

HPE OneView relieves IT staff and simplified processes

if the various components in the network through different tools must be managed and monitored, increases significantly the complexity and hence the working time, the administrators, and other IT staff with managing and monitoring spend. In small and medium-sized enterprises, such tasks are difficult to master and require a lot of expertise and often also the purchase of external services. Perform administration tasks Manual puts companies in a certain dependency and slows new developments, because IT staff dealing with the management, rather than with the modernization and new projects. Especially small and medium-sized businesses need access in relation to external service providers, which increases the dependency, and further binds the internal IT staff. The tasks are automated, and taken over by HPE OneView, the dependency can be avoided, because the system must be set only once, the administrative tasks run automatically or through well-defined steps that deposited in the system are. On request, experts of HPE help the implementation, management and implementation of HPE OneView. External partners and internal IT staff can then seek the modernization of environment and create improved structures, without existing need to constantly monitor and manage.

internal are IT professionals by HPE OneView significantly relieved and can take care therefore more important tasks, for example to new projects, improved safety, and modernisation concerning it. By automating complex IT networks, for example hybrid cloud environments can be easier to maintain central control and monitoring. Because no familiarization with various management tools, which may even expensive training are necessary, their transmission knowing will forget again after some time, many hours of work can be on pages of the IT Department reduce and relieve the staff.

error find faster and more quickly deploy IT

with HPE OneView facilitate enterprise but not only the work of administrators or automate tasks. HPE OneView helps errors faster to discover much as without a central administration tool. In addition, that the establishment of specific tasks, for example a VMware vSphere cluster, can be done much easier. Certain administrative steps are regularly needed, then assure through automation, that all objects are always identical, without deviations in the configuration are available. This avoids errors when deploying and enormously accelerated commissioning of new equipment or network objects.

the surface of HPE OneView is intuitive to use, and will colour symbols indicating whether there are problems or errors. By providing templates, servers can be configured almost identically and automatically. The configuration is done on the basis of recommendations that come directly from HPE or other experts. Are adjustments to a template, HPE OneView can identify the servers that use this template, and automated settings and uniformly transmitted, even after deployment. Updates are necessary, the task can also be acquired by HPE OneView. Server can be grouped and automated from the Dashboard update. Thus, you can quickly and accurately distribute new service packs for HPE ProLiant server. This is useful especially for updates in the network, such as the introduction of Windows Server 2016 or vSphere 6.5.

 HPE OneView (image: HPE)

existing systems can be quickly and easily integrate

to HPE OneView, not a complete rebuilding of IT on”Greenfield”is necessary of course , but OneView can integrate with existing systems and read out their data. Companies, which already have a HPE converged system HPE BladeSystem and HPE ProLiant systems set can easily integrate OneView. The existing hardware is quickly bound, even if it is not the latest equipment.

companies, already HPE insight control HPE systems Insight Manager (SIM) or HPE virtual Connect Enterprise Manager software that can integrate these services directly in OneView. Operations orchestration, server automation, operations bridge, cloud optimizer and operations analytics are also compatible with HPE OneView, and connect to the solution. Comprehensive workflow and the complete business process management can be achieved thus about HPE OneView.

virtual connect housing and connection profiles can also take over in HPE OneView and centrally manage and monitor. Also Predictive analyses are possible, to detect errors before they occur. To do so, OneView has access to the log files and other sources of the connected systems. The data is analyzed and processed by HPE OneView and clearly displayed.

HPE iLO and HPE OneView work perfectly together

with iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) have to monitor the possibility of HPE server administrators and control, and completely without involvement of the operating system over the network. The special iLO chip works with a firmware in the HPE integrates more functions with each version. For the monitoring and Central controls work, HPE server have a variety of sensors, which pass their information to iLO. iLO is so central part of HPE servers, which is generally free of charge available, but can be significantly extended with the licensing. “iLO

4: iLO HPE server with iLO 4 monitor

 4 provides many information, which is passed via sensors on iLO (screenshot: Thomas Joos). 4 provides many information, which is passed via sensors on iLO (screenshot: Thomas Joos).

HPE iLO and the sensors in the server send data to HPE OpenView. The two systems work together so perfectly. Small and medium-sized companies benefit because this the complete server quickly and easily can be monitored at a central location and all relevant data will be automatically read out and prepared. iLO reports on errors of HPE OneView and the monitoring system can react accordingly. In the interface, administrators will be shown of what server error logs, notifications can be automated and automatic fixes can be configured. Even the automatic sending of spare parts can be set. The data can be sent to error analysis on HPE, so that technicians can fix the problem faster.

HPE OneView helps the integration of container technology and cloud infrastructure – OpenStack, docker and Mesosphere

more and more company put on the container technology that enables a significantly more flexible infrastructure. Becoming more widespread is also private cloud environments, and the combination of cloud and containers. To create such modern environments, companies need new developers and IT personnel who have not yet comprehensive experiences in various areas of IT infrastructure. In addition, new developers need to create apps for connecting containers, the cloud, and hybrid environments. Also this helps HPE OneNiew extensively. HPE OneView works perfectly with OpenStack docker and Mesosphere together. In addition to an automated deployment of the environment, modernized IT infrastructure can be monitored again automatically with HPE OneView.

of course, HPE OneView supports also the DevOPS movement . HPE OneView works together with Ansible. In this context, the cooperation with iLO plays a role, as well as the automated deployment of HPE ProLiant servers.

integration with VMware vCenter, and Microsoft System Center

HPE OneView will of course not replace existing central solutions, but can complement these. About HPE OneView works also perfectly vCenter and Microsoft System Center with VMware. The current version supports Windows Server 2016 already and System Center 2016 as well as VMware vSphere 6.5. Also vRealize Operations Manager 6.4 and vRealize log insight 4.0 (including HPE synergy) are supported and can be connected to HPE OneView. HPE OneView for VMware vCenter vCenter Server-client status, inventory, configuration monitoring and physical and virtual views of virtualized infrastructure simplifies management with direct access in the VMware. “

 HPE server can connect to SCOM and efficiently monitor Management Pack with the HPE OneView (screenshot: Thomas Joos). HPE server can connect to SCOM and efficiently monitor Management Pack with the HPE OneView (screenshot: Thomas Joos).

run business System Center Operations Manager, the status dashboard and consolidated views of housing from the HPE OneView use Management Pack for SCOM also in HPE OneView. HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center is also fully integrated in the System Center consoles. In addition, HPE OneView cooperates also with System Center Virtual Machine Manager to centrally deploy Hyper-V hosts, to monitor and manage. To do this, HPE OneView relies on the built-in Server profiles. In addition, the HPE settings and firmware updates the underlying HPE ProLiant server can manage allows easier and more efficient, even in Hyper-V clusters. Of course, HPE OneView can represent also an integrated view of the virtual servers in the environment.

in hybrid environments can thus be managed of all connected systems in a central interface. Also optimal lifecycle management is connected to the most important management solutions for virtual infrastructures. For the provision of infrastructure, also pre-made templates available at HPE OneView. You can thus automate RAID configurations, BIOS settings, firewall baselines, SAN adjustments and much more. The templates are based on the recommendations of experts and ensure that all objects on the network are configured identically and optimally. The devices are deployed, HPE OneView can distribute Central also new and improved settings of the templates on all connected systems.

by HPE OneView’s cooperation with System Center Configuration Manager can be centrally automate deploying operating systems and control. Also here can be used already on Windows Server 2016, so HPE OneView can be used also in the migration to the new version of Windows Server. “

 in the SCOM console monitoring is possible without any problems he individual storage systems (screenshot: Thomas Joos). in the SCOM console monitoring is possible without any problems he individual storage systems (screenshot: Thomas Joos).

memory with HPE OneView automatically manage

HPE OneView is able to automate storage configuration and monitoring. In particular, if companies rely on storage solutions by HPE, such automation tasks are very efficient. HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage is fully integrated in OneView Server profiles. This allows a deployment of storage through a policy-based, automated approach. An IT expert can make the establishment, so that such a deployment can be done also in small and medium-sized enterprises. The more management and monitoring can be done by internal IT administrators, who need to work only with the HPE OneView surface.

different models and services for different claims

HPE OneView is different options . With the 3-year license, businesses receive 7 support a 24 ×. Licensing depends on the number of connected systems. Companies who already rely on insight management, can purchase an upgrade license by HPE OneView. An available variant is also for blade servers. Also services provides support for the establishment and use of HPE OneView HPE ready.

HPE OneView use for monitoring free

HPE OneView can be obtained free of charge by HPE in the standard version. However, HPE OneView standard can be used only to monitor. The dashboard also an inventory is, in addition to monitoring perform. All servers that are connected to OneView only to monitor, need no license, are but also not centrally controlled, but only to monitor.

new deployments with HPE OneView plan

If firms rebuild their infrastructure and systems such as HPE BladeSystems or current Server 9 insert generation, also the integration should be examined by HPE OneView. Since HPE OneView the new systems will be by templates not only optimally deploy and integrate, but also equally efficiently monitor and manage. Right at the beginning with HPE OneView working, the environment of much more efficient, stable and available can operate.


who in the network on HPE products uses, should look at the capabilities of HPE OneView. Through the trial, HPE OneView can test up to 60 days long. A lighter and more efficient management and monitoring results with the Central connection of all components and devices on the network. As products from third-party manufacturers connect, companies can manage hybrid environments and save quite a bit of cost, because fewer external IT know-how must be purchased. HPE OneView is suitable not only for large networks, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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