It is worth to buy an iPad for the University?


many are those who we do this question about the iPad in the 5 × 1 responding and today we are going to devote this article to quell your doubts. To begin with, and so can see the reliability of this article, I will tell you what they’ll say is my personal experience . We go beyond!

I could use an iPad for my university studies?

the emphatic answer is Yes. I have studied a career and a master and in both studies have used it in absolutely all – or nearly all – classes.

do in which areas more used it?

during the first course I was taking notes by hand, as it has always done, but from second year I discovered a world much more comfortable and efficient .

are efficient for what? To mi never liked studying hand-written notes, it is a particular hobby. I like studying my notes passed to computer as they say. Thus, during that first year, had to do double work since first I should take notes by hand and then pass them on to computer.

 iPad mini 4

another advantage, aside from having half job done – was only missing study-, is the fact of write much faster than hand . It tends to be very common lose some content because not enough time to write all that teachers are dictating while they explain the matter.

many ye has not passed, that to be copying, you lose part of what I was explaining? The typical question, what has just been said? And to that question already lose you the following.

as for me, these are the main advantages of using an iPad at the University: comfort and write speed. “

you can also use a keyboard

 iPad keyboard Logitech keyboard Logitech Type +, via Fundilandia

good is true that the iPad can boast a speed in writing that other brands don’t have. many tablets on the market have some lag when we are writing, with which we can have problems by losing content or it is misspelled.

all my notes during the race have taken them an Air iPad with an iPad 2. When I changed from one to another, I noticed much difference since the Air was much more powerful than the iPad 2, and it shows in the writing. Even so, I changed the iPad portability issues. The Air was much thinner and lighter and that appreciated it in every day.

during those four years of career, I tried with various keyboards but not I ended up convincing, so he chose to write directly on the screen. My iPad was equiped with a Smart Cover Apple, placing it horizontally, inclined, and perfectly wrote.

the good news came in the master. Already with an iPsd Air 2 in my hands, I discovered a the company Logitech case, in particular the model Type +, you gave me life. In this case, the iPad is inserted and the keyboard is Kingdom so to speak. The connection is via Bluetooth and the writing is simply impeccable. As for cover battery lasts months . You won’t have any problem by running out of battery. If you want to buy a case of this company, I leave you this link .

definitely If is worth to buy an iPad for College . It is a very portable device that you can carry in your backpack or even next to your folder.

your work you can write them directly on the iPad without any problem, and thanks to the clouds, you can share with your flatmates. In addition, and it is something that I used, you can print your notes if you like to study directly on paper, as in my case.

we would like to know if you use an iPad in your studies and what utilities give you in your Conference . Don’t forget to leave us such opinion or experience in the comments.

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