Is worth buying an iPhone is right now? Will another there be?

 would have an iPhone is this year?

a few days ago we did echo of the News of that now iPhone is increasing its capacity 32GB as a basis and a capacity of 128GB. But… would compensate for an iPhone is more than one year after its release?

would how old is the iPhone is?

the iPhone was presented on 21 March 2016. Since then it’s been exactly 1 year and 10 days .

but… do we trust this reference? If we make memory, this iPhone was launched as a model low cost and therefore had a combination of hardware of the latest generation and older hardware. In this way, the only way to analyze your antique is to make it component to component.

 iPhone is 2016

start with the brain of the device, i.e., the processor. The iPhone has a A9 chip is that riding iPhone 6S, i.e. at the time of the launch the iPhone had a next-generation processor. And the camera? camera is also inherited from the iPhone 6S for what at the time was not bad, in fact, there are nowadays is still a very good camera.

what did not inherit the iPhone 6S was screen and sensor TouchID which is a direct legacy of 5S iPhone. And it is that device that also takes its design. A design which for me is one of the most elegant.

 iPhone is with the processor of the 6S and 5S iPhone Touch ID

would long the iPhone be?

the lifetime of a device is determined by its components and the quality of them. Given that this device is a fusion between 5S, 6 iPhone iPhone and iPhone 6S, determine how much will last is difficult.

but, more importantly in life tends to be the processor. Since we have a processor A9, one of the last generation, this has a great power. In addition, being 64-bit processor, this device not will stay behind in iOS 11 as it will make the iPhone 5, that having a 32-bit processor can not update.

 iPhone 6s space grey on top of their box a. effects of performance, the iPhone is like an iPhone 6S.

Therefore, this smartphone will hold almost the same thing that will hold the iPhone 6S, thus making it a very interesting version to take into account. But of course, for this we assume that Apple will not make any strange maneuver.

will be a new iPhone is this year?

it is likely that not. Here are the reasons why I think this.

in the first place this year already had a special edition of the iPhone (which is what the acronyms mean, Special Edition ). Which one? 7 PRODUCT (RED) iPhone is considered the Special Edition of the iPhone 7, and therefore, it would be rare to see an iPhone, which was presented as a special edition of the iPhone 6S.

second, last month, Apple made some changes on the iPhone is current. In particular, it doubled its capabilities 32 16 and 64 GB and 128 GB respectively. This change could give us to understand that this year we will not have a renewal of this device. Why but do this?

 new capabilities of the iPhone.

I therefore, I believe that this year there will be a new iPhone is but it is just my humble opinion. And that this year there is no clear, won’t mean that the coming year there not…

do you what do you think? are you agree with me? You think that Apple pull out an iPhone is this year? And to the next?

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