Is it worth buying an iPad now?


yesterday Apple surprised us with the arrival of a new iPad considered as low-cost, a single iPad mini 4 with 128 GB capacity and the Elimination of Air 2 iPad and iPad mini 2. Do you think that now is the time to buy any of the versions of this device?

have brought us a new iPad

in this article you can see in detail the new devices that Apple has brought us and that is has undone. Apple has surprised us with a new iPad (no last name) which is a more economical version and without as many specifications as you have the Pro version. “

 new iPad

do have differences with the 9.7-inch Pro model? screen size is the same, but the screen does not. display of this new device is not as high quality as that of the Pro version but both screens are the same size and resolution. (For more specifications of the new device, please, take a look at the above-mentioned article).

and what happens with the mini iPad?

Apple has given slam version mini 2 and various capabilities of version 4, leaving us with only the 128 GB version. This suggests that Apple is going to remove the mini version of your tablets? I think so.

the arrival of this new low-cost iPad, allows to have an Apple tablet in original size, with very attractive benefits at a more economical price which had previously (in comparison with the mini models).

as Fernando in one of latest videos Apple 5 × 1 on YouTube, many teorizamos with the removal of this device. Replacing this gap we would find a new iPad Pro in an intermediate size to the 12.9 and current 9.7 by reorganizing the current table of these devices.


I want to change my outdated iPad, now is the time to do it?

my first question would be: would like to model for iPad? If your answer is a mini iPad these months are perhaps the last in which we can find this version. Yet the mini iPad 4 Wi-Fi version is in the € 479 (because we only have the 128 GB version). The fact that only retain a capacity is suspicious for its continuity, and already do not give us where choose, unlike what is offered with the other models.

if we compare it with the new device, investing only 20 euros more you have the version of 128 GB . A refurbished model and that we’ll make updates to Apple for a time greater than that we would have with the mini version. I am a user of version small and handsome for this size, but you have to think what the Cupertino are offering us and, particularly, I think that the difference is so small, I would go for the newest device. New size for me, a very interesting price.

 new iPad's 9.7-inch low cost which would replace the current iPad Air.

if we instead want an iPad Pro, the situation changes . The investment is higher and must first analyze the size we want. 12.9 is too large and of 9.7 does not bring me what I want? Then wait a few months that Apple surprised (or try to) with an intermediate size. In addition, it is possible to occur with versions renovated and updated existing versions (as did with the Apple Watch Series 1).

and you, do you think that it is now the time? Bets on the new iPad that Apple has presented to us? I hope your opinion in the comments!

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