Is it possible to keep talking about a high-end?

this post is the result of my initial impressions after the presentation of the Galaxy S8 and S8 + in Colombia.

For years have spoken 4 segments of market, 4 public targets, 4 levels of product when we talk about cell phones. 

They are the “arrow” (by the way, what happened with the new Nokia 3310 ?), a range entry-level or “entrance”, a “mid range” and the coveted “high-end”. 

But yesterday, while Felipe and I played with the Galaxy S8 / S8 + (can see our photos and videos Instagram profiles Facebook and Twitter of TECHcetera) I started thinking that, despite the good releases from other manufacturers during the year, this pair of teams are alone (for now) in a different range. 

The problem of Samsung has always been that it has to compete and differentiate themselves with the entire inventory of Android phones coming to market. The problem of Samsung has been that players like Motorola and Huawei (to say nothing of Xiaomi and Oppo) have managed to create in the public a sense that their phones are similar to Samsung, possibly because until a couple of years ago they were and because, at the end of the day, everyone runs the same operating system. 

The high-end and the Premium range is divided into two

with the launch of the Galaxy S8 / S8 + I think that that is no longer true. With the arrival of this pair of teams in the market think that we have to talk about a high end and a premium range . A high range that will play the LG G6 (I think lost a window of opportunity with the delay in bringing it to the market, at least in Latin America), Moto X, Huawei P10 and even the Galaxy S7 Edge (which to a lowering of the price will be a super option for many users). 

From here to October (or early November) Samsung has the Premium market served on silver platter to blow it with your S8 / S8 + and, why not, to sell one million units (in Colombia) that we hear out there is the dream of some of the executives of the company. The same thing will happen in other latitudes. At the end, and after the we know that the presale of the S8 / S8 + has been the most successful in the history of the company smartphones, 30% above what it was last year with the S7 / S7 Edge. 

The device is beautiful, is powerful and is very different to what is on the market. It is oddly light, especially the S8 + and 3 colors that will arrive in Colombia are elegant (Yey!) Will not get gold!).  

The amount of technology they have inside is overwhelming (teams are virtually identical, except for the dimensions and the size of the screen). And although it is clear that some of its features will work more – and will be most useful – than others in everyday life than it is a super powerful machine (can see technical specifications here ).

DeX kicks back

the power of the equipment can be seen, real truth, when used in conjunction with DeX, an accessory that turns the phone into a full computer (with display, keyboard and mouse) and can you run a video, a Web browser and the WhatsApp while editing a presentation or document in Google Docs or Microsoft Office applications available for the platform. DeX kicks back and well managed can be a selling point important for corporate clients. 

The Samsung we saw yesterday is different from previous years. Proud of its achievements, Yes. Raising head after an unfortunate impasse, if. But I think the big difference is that he seems more mature, more standing on the Earth, more “humble” while continuing to demonstrate why it is the market leader. 

And thanks to the new Galaxy S8 and S8 + today Samsung demonstrates that, even though he competes in all ranges and having product for all types of users, is in a category by itself alone at least until October. 

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