Is it necessary to install an antivirus on Mac?

 virus for macOS. Do you need an antivirus on the Mac?

is necessary to have an antivirus? this is one of the questions asked most Windows users that are passed to a Mac or a PC with Linux. But to answer that question, we must first analyze whether there are viruses for these operating systems.

there are viruses for macOS?

you follow our website frequently, will know that Macs aren’t perfect and impenetrable machines. In fact, this is increasingly more present.

confirm that Yes there are viruses for macOS of course, just as there are viruses for Windows or Linux. While it is true that there are operating systems are vulnerable against viruses, it is very difficult to create a 100% watertight and unbeatable operating system. In fact, the amount of virus that for an operating system generally is proportional to the number of users that has. “

 computer viruses

one thing that I want to emphasize is that a virus and a vulnerability is not the same. In fact, although they are related, one not dependent on the other. For example, Windows has enough virus to macOS or Linux, but on the other hand, it is an operating system with a few vulnerabilities. And what is a vulnerability? And a virus?  vulnerability is a security hole, which can be both in software and hardware. virus is a type of malware that can take advantage of a vulnerability or lack of knowledge by the user to make a harmful act.

 virus on Mac OS X

does it take to have an antivirus installed on your Mac?

the answer is no, is not required but can be beneficial. That, in any case there is to be careful with which pages you navigate, what applications install and what we usually do with our computer.

the best antivirus that we can have is the caution. That is the most important rule, and the antivirus only serves as support. And this obviously applies to any operating system, be it iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux desktop distributions…

 antivirus on macOS

would then install it or not an antivirus? That’s a personal decision that should take each. For example, I personally only have installed an antivirus in my Windows computer to use occasionally, I have no antivirus on my Mac or my iOS devices or Linux. Although eventually I usually install an antivirus and an anti-malware to do a couple of tests and check that everything is in order.

and advantages of using an antivirus? Well I think that it is clear, a safer and above all, peace. And what disadvantages can bring? The biggest disadvantage of the antivirus are resources consumed, as they are a pretty heavy applications.


I am not be able to give a clear answer, but so this topic. Perhaps most advisable for the more Newbies is to install an antivirus .

what do you think? in which devices have antivirus? You see it strictly necessary?

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