Is auction lunch with Tim Cook on Apple Park purposes charitable

relevant personalities that have made this great company, obviously, one of the most striking attractions that Apple has had have been one stands out above all of them, the figure of Steve Jobs who was the creator of this great project and technology guru , but unfortunately the world already does not have himself. Currently, with a style more cold and less passionate, Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, is one of the emblems of the same and someone that arouses much interest among fans of technology. Aware of this, those of Cupertino will auction lunch with Cook something that many I’m sure won’t want to miss… If they can afford it. “

Apple auction lunch with Tim Cook on Apple Park

 are auction lunch with Tim Cook on Apple Park for charity Tim Cook at a luncheon charitable

as being traditional each year Tim Cook and Charitybuzz partner to be auctioned a lunch meeting with the CEO of Apple with a charitable aim and charity , and this year there is a new benefit to the highest bidder: a ticket for Apple Park. The campaign is valued at $100,000 with the aim of raising funds for the RFK Human Rights Group, and this year l meeting will take place at the new campus of Apple . Therefore, to be able to have lunch with Cook, before a significant economic payment, should be to be eligible for this possibility. This escapes to the possibilities of many users but thankfully it is for charity. “

the rules of an auction to a very high price… everything for charity

 Tim Cook together with users of the Chinese market Tim Cook together with users of Apple

choice at that lunch, by auction, c e started today with the first offering from $10,000 . The campaign will run for two weeks until Tuesday 16 may at 3 pm (EDT of the United States) . At that moment will be when the highest bidder will receive two tickets for lunch with Tim Cook at the new headquarters of Apple. To get an idea of what he is capable of raising this charity initiative, here we can see revenues that this campaign has generated in the past :

515.000 dollars in 2016

$200,000 by 2015

$330,001 in 2014

610,000 dollars in 2013

a few studs, as we can see, very high and positive for the charitable campaign to support , and this year adds to the incentive that will be held, for the first time on the premises of the Apple Park .

what do think about this auction of lunch with Tim Cook? Your opinion is important to us.

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