Is Apple Watch the best complement for your iPhone?

still are doubting if an Apple Watch is the best complement for your iPhone? Do you think that there are other best smartwatch for you? Do you end up not deciding if it shares a Apple Watch? Here I’ll give a number of reasons why I think Apple smart clock is the best complement for your iPhone.

created by Apple, combining perfectly with your iPhone

Apple created the Apple Watch when he started to emerge the new fashion of the wearables. if it is true that he came late compared to other brands that run Android, but sometimes is better to arrive late, elegant and improved to work perfectly with iOS.


Apple Watch is specially made so it is perfectly match with your iPhone device. is the only clock that currently exists in the market which is intended exclusively for that it should be complemented with your mobile device from Apple. Not only because of its outward appearance, you can acquire a watch matching color with your iPhone to be coordinated, but can also match all the notifications you want in your watch and be aware without even taking your mobile phone pocket. We can control the music that we reproduce on our iPhone with a simple touch in our clock, volume, respond to a call or even respond to certain messages.

 Apple Watch next to the iPhone 7 Plus next to an Apple Watch Nike + iPhone


Apple Watch is ideal for sports

regardless of the type of Apple Watch have the first version, Series 1, Series 2 or the special version of Nike +, can be the ideal complement to your daily physical activity. while it is true that there are some watches especially dedicated exclusively to the sport, Apple Watch offers you the features of a smartwatch with the plus of aid in control in your physical activity. 

Yes although it is true that you can not quantify, if only, the activity of sleep but can help you in the rest of the activities. This watch we help to quantify the amount and time of activity that we perform, it takes us control calories burned and notify us when we take long time to be seated . In addition, our clock can help us to achieve goals, since we can establish a goal of calories burned daily. In addition Apple already establishes us a series of rewards when we close all the rings in a day, a week or a month, among others, motivating us to move for this small medal. Also, create specific rewards such as, for example, the past Earth Day encouraging us lift and do some exercise. “Rings  

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not everything ends up on the iPhone

with our intelligent clock from Apple it is clear that we can manage our iPhone, but it is not over there. If you have Apple TV also can control it from our clock. with our clock can control playback on our Apple TV, change track or even pause a video. Intended to combine perfectly with iPhone, but does form part of the Apple ecosystem by which work with all your devices.

 Apple Watch and Apple TV

you know that you can unlock your Mac with Apple Watch? just allow the Mac that you can unlock with only wearing the watch on your wrist. It is as simple as opening our MacBook cover and we will notice a small vibration on our wrist, which tell us that our computer is ready to be used. Apple always uniting all its products into a single ecosystem. If you want to know a little more about how to activate this option you can see this video from our Youtube Channel.

 Apple Mac and Apple Watch MacBook and Apple Watch


Apple Watch facilitates us interaction with our iPhone


Apple Watch facilitates us interaction with the notifications, we can see who writes or calls us with just a twist of the wrist assessing the urgency of the same thing without having to remove your iPhone from your Pocket bag or backpack. Help us control our daily activity, even encouraging us to move us to be able to close the rings of activity and obtaining certain rewards with meet their challenges. We have a device that motivates us to do exercise, benefiting our health and all our notifications with a simple twist of the wrist. 

 activity in Apple Watch

still have doubts if Apple Watch is the perfect complement to your daily life and your iPhone? would like to have a nice watch and provide you your notifications as well as help you to move a little more interaction? This is the best alternative for you.

do you have an Apple Watch? Do you agree with the comfort that it offers? Leave us your experience in the comments box.

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