Is Apple Watch 1st generation or 2nd generation more worth?

would have any doubts of what Apple Watch purchase? In this article we are going to say the best and worst of each of the models in both generations. Stay with us to discover what Apple Watch you should more.

“I don’t know what model of Apple Watch choose”

this is the typical question we hear countless times. With the departure of the first Apple Watch response was clear, since performance was the same although there were several designs to choose from. We only had to choose the specific model, size, color or type of belt . Simple.

remember that we could choose between Apple Watch with chrome box, the Sport with aluminum case, the Edition with the box covered with gold – only for a few – and finally the Hermes Edition, with that characteristic belt.

with the release of the new watches Series 1 and Series 2, Apple Watch first generation was a little forgotten, being mostly replaced by the Series 1, since the only thing that changes is the one other chip. With that chip, improving performance and battery life was that the 1 Series win to the first Watch, and that is something to appreciate.

but let’s go by parts. First let’s talk about the first watch that went on the market, their pros and cons today if we decided to acquire one. “

Why buy a first generation

 Watch Apple Watch first generation Apple Watch of first generation

mainly, and I think that it is the only option that I, personally, would buy this first model of clock would be great lower price that has suffered in the second hand market. Perhaps you can find it new in some stores such as Amazon or third-party stores, but is rather complicated.

you can get this watch for a very attractive price, it is still just as functional as the 2 Series, at least for the time being.

and say for the time being since do not know how many updates of operating system will support this first Apple watch, since you will already know the obsolescence.

is also true that after upgrading to watchOS 3 the battery’s performance has improved a lot, and I speak in my experience. Having to optimize to the maximum so that it aguantase me an entire day to not have to procuparme the battery after upgrading.

in summary. Pro: Price cheaper. “Against: watchOS lets support future

Why buy a more recent model Watch Apple  

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models among which you can choose

takes relatively little time in the market but they are to be a success. In fact, Apple can boast of being the company that sells more wearables in the world, as you had here. 

in the case of the new series of watches launched by Apple can choose between two modes: Series 1 and Series 2 . As I mentioned before, the only difference with the first generation Watch would be the incorporation of a better chip, which is built in Series 1. Let’s say that the 1 Series is a first generation vitaminized Watch, but it is intrinsically identical.

the advantage? Series 1 is more economical than the Series 2, and now I will explain you why.

advantages of purchasing an Apple Watch Series 2

the Apple Watch Series 2 is particularly suitable for all those who practice sport, whatever, although they have focused it running and water sports. Facing the first generation, the differences are many and therefore with regard to Series 1.

the first thing to note is that is not only to splash water resistant. This can be really useful for all those who practice swimming or sport within the water. It is an option that you should keep in mind, as the price difference with regard to the 1 Series is considerable.

GPS boasts integrated ideal for those who practice hiking or like it not depend on both your iPhone when it comes out on the street or the mountains for sport.

another aspect to consider is the longevity of the battery. If in the first generation battery you hold around a full-time, with the Series 2 you won’t have any problem.

Nike +, best suited for sport

 Apple Watch next to the iPhone Apple Watch Nike +

this watch it is suited entirely to athletes, as has a feature that reminds you that you should do sport as you have preset. A person who carries out sport in one way less for professional with the app train has more than enough.  It also includes certain areas unique to this model.

the difference lies in the belt, characterized by having a series of gaps or holes so that the skin breathe better during sport. It is exclusive to this model, but they can already be purchased on the Apple website Conclusions

If your priority is to find a Apple Watch at good price, I would opt for the first generation. It works well and if you don’t need that water resistance or built-in GPS you’ll be very pleased with the purchase.

If you require resistance to water or you are a Runner that he likes to go running only with the clock without relying on the iPhone, your choice should be the Series 2, there is the possibility to buy the Nike +.

and between Sereis 1 and Series 2, the difference comes to the same thing. The first is more economical than the second. The question would pay a little more for a new clock for the first generation.

but I’d like to know your experience if ever you’ve seen is involved in this situation. It can be many users help your experience.

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