iPhone-fingerprinting: Apple wanted uber toss out of the app store

the service intermediary uber iPhone app code has incorporated in its order even after uninstalling the application and deletion of all contents of the device still identify and tagging to the Smartphones. Because it clearly violated Apple’s rules for the protection of privacy, the company applied a geo-trick, so Apple’s auditors could not determine the approach at the company headquarters.

 about car (image: uber)

reported New York Times and sees it as an example of the risk appetite, with the uber-CEO Travis Kalanick propels the company, but at the same time repeatedly threatened in its existence. For the extensive coverage, the newspaper conducted interviews with over 50 current and former uber employees.

the iPhone maker came the sleight of hand still on the track. Apple -CEO was little amused and ordered a Kalanick early 2015 to a conversation. “I have heard so that you break down some of our rules”, he noted in the quiet key of a Südstaatlers. Then, he was threatened with the expulsion of the uber app from the app store, should not stop the fingerprinting of iPhones for apps are in principle prohibited.

thus the service provider would have lost millions of iPhone owners as customers – crushing defeat for a company with an estimated enterprise value of $70 billion, that operates in over 70 countries. The uber-chef had to give in to so. The scolding of cooks left shaken him – so an informant who saw him after the meeting.

security experts assume that accessing uber for the device fingerprinting on the serial number and perhaps also on the UDID (unique device identifier) – both Apple’s regulations prohibited. As the reason for his activities uber leading over the verge there want to prevent fraud attempts using stolen iPhones. The deception had begun with the iPhone app already in 2014, as for example, in China were often stolen iPhones with deleted content in circulation. “We do not track individual users or their location absolutely, if you have deleted your app”, assured the service provider today.

as TechCrunch by uber learned, it uses but still a form of device fingerprinting to determine fraudulent behavior. When an iPhone was previously in connection with fraud, a new account with the same device to raise a warning signal, according to a spokesman for uber. However, this practice is covered by Apple’s rules.

for a variety of scandals that apparently have to do management style and corporate culture responsible of him with Travis Kalanicks, uber is in an existential crisis. Allegations of bullying and sexism, unfair practices against the competition and deception to regulatory authorities led to headlines. The alphabet daughter breakaway by Google, Waymo sued uber and accused him of using en masse stolen trade secrets for the development of self-propelled cars. The incidents already ensured that numerous executives left the service broker – and even uber investors publicly criticized the company.

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